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LG V60 ThinQ Final Thoughts: It's All About The Case

Sprint Product Ambassador

My friend @NewYork_NY  has an article out right now about using the LG V60 ThinQ as a stand alone device (here) and I'll have to agree that it's still a slick device without the fun Dual Screen Case. Not to mention, so much lighter and portable. I often use it without the case when I go for walks, it fits into the pocket better. But really, it's all about the Dual Screen after all, isn't it? 


Because now, more than ever, the ability to muliti-task is needed. See the kids started back at school - well, kind of. They are both remote. So now I need to run from my office at home to their rooms upstairs several times a day to check on why Google Classroom or Zoom isn't working, or to see why they are not connected to the internet with the school issued chromebook. And being able to have my own conference call keep going and use the other screen to check Zoom codes or to search for troubleshooting help is fantastic.  


And let's not forget that the Dual Screen is just cool. Casually pulling it out and using it consistently is met with a "What in the heck is that!".  And besides being a workhorse in terms of battery and functions, it takes great photos and is affordable now with a financing plan. 


I've had both the LG V50 and now the LG V60, and I'm sticking with the V60 for sure.  Be sure to follow the Product Ambassador Blogs for more on the LG V60 and all of our devices!


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