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LG X Power - Onscreen Keyboard - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

LG X Power - Onscreen Keyboard - Sprint Product Ambassadors

The LG X Power just like other androids devices uses the standard on screen keyboard. How well do you know this keyboard? Some people may think the response time is to slow or their hands are too small to reach all the keys. What about the suggestions the program supplies are they even in tune with what you are writing. I'm going to show you a few configuration changes that I use to help make using the keyboard more custom friendly.

To access the onscreen keyboard configuration either select the cog wheel to the left of the spacebar on the keyboard or navigate to the following Settings | General Tab | Language&Keyboard | under keyboard & input methods select LG keyboard. This is the main settings section for the keyboard. Here is where you can manipulate the setup of the keyboard and its functionality.

One of the first changes I do is turn off the vibrate feedback as this is a heavy drainers on batteries. Under the LG keyboard configuration screen select the more button at the bottom and under the effects section uncheck the "vibrate on key press". If you want to make the key audible response silence here is where you can turn this feature off as well. Also at the bottom is the delay response when holding a key to get the additional pop-up options tied to a key. Currently it is set to .3 milliseconds you can reduce it down to .2 milliseconds.


For those that have smaller hands using this device in one hand is pretty hard. A feature not active but can be is one handed operation. This will reduce the size of the keyboard and squeeze it to either the left or right hand side for easier use. To access this feature access the LG keyboard menu under general section select keyboard height and layout. On this page you can click enable one-handed operation. While in one handed operation if you wish to re-extend the keyboard from normal size either swipe all the way from the backspace to the left or start from the shift/caps key on the left and swipe all the way to the right. To go back to the one handed mode repeat the swiping to shrink the keyboard again. A few other minor keyboard changes I have taken advantage of include reducing the keyboard height and extended the keyboard in landscape mode. Both features are listed in the same configuration menu.

Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-29-21.png  Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-30-45.png Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-30-48.png

Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-31-28.png Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-31-42.png Screenshot_2016-11-03-14-31-18.png

A final change I manipulated is the word suggestion when typing. Under the LG Keyboard settings simply turn on the word suggestion feature if off. Next select the 3 horizontal dots to access an additional menu for word suggestions. Here I enable Next Word feature. Finally, select update word suggestions and click under languages your language choice to update. This will provide additional word suggestions based on your typing style learned.


The LG Keyboard is again just a standard keyboard but with a few modifications you can make this keyboard more in tune to your needs. By manipulating the look and feel along with the how responsive the keyboard is; typing on it will feel more comfortable. Check out all the additional changes you can make including your own person dictionary of words.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.

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