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LG is sneaking up on the competition – X Charge is a steal

Sprint Product Ambassador

When considering a mobile phone as a tool for your everyday tasks, I think the two main factors in a person’s decision-making are usability and value.  So what determines usability in a phone, and how does that impact value?

More importantly – why would you pick THIS phone… the LG X Charge?

In the case of this phone, usability and value go hand in hand.

First off, the price point is incredibly reasonable.  On a Sprint Flex plan, you can get an LG X Charge for less than $10 per month or for $270 full price.  That seems even more reasonable considering what you get:

5.5” screen
13MP Rear facing camera
Fast Charging technology
4500 mAh battery

Of course, this is just what’s on the cover.  Quite honestly, what these specs give you, as a whole, is a high end device experience in a mid-range device price point.  The value is undeniable, especially considering the usability factor, which is the second point.

Usability for the X Charge comes from the battery performance.  I could go on and on about the size of the battery, the hardware specs, the software optimization, etc.  But what it comes down to is a longer lasting experience.  In essence, the X Charge user gets to use and enjoy the device LONGER than other users because of the battery performance.  That is the foundation.  From there, users are able to text, IM, snapchat, post updates, take pix, vids, email, call, etc. MUCH longer than you would with any other device in the Sprint lineup. 

So what’s the downside?

It’s a mid-range device.  So yes, although it performs very well, it’s not as snappy as its flagship brother the LG V30+.  Hardware specs are generally about one or two generations back on a mid-range device, so you’re probably using last year’s high end tech in this year’s mid-range phone.  Is that a downside?  Only if you are a super-user.  If you are just in to some email, light gaming, social media, and basic telephony, then you don’t need anything more than the X Charge.  If you need to have a professional camera, or a superfast processor for the type of work that you do ON YOUR PHONE, then this probably ISN’T the phone for you.  Certainly for any kid or entry level user, you will basically blow their doors off if you give them this device as a gift.  It doesn’t feel like a mid-range phone, and it doesn’t act like one.

Keep your eye on LG.  They’ve really stepped up their game in terms of the overall experience that they give you with their mobile devices.  You won’t be disappointed if you choose LG over one of their more renowned competitors.