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Moto Z2 Depth Camera Mode

Sprint Product Ambassador

As I had mentioned in my previous blog, the Z2 has a dual camera setup. Moto uses their 2 cameras for a slightly different purposes. Don't get me wrong, you can still blur out the background and stuff, but Moto allows you to use the depth camera to actually carve out the background and add something else. Check it out:IMG_20170808_195337448_1.jpg

This is a picture a took when we were at a recent KC Royals Game. Then I took this picture in one of our conference rooms:IMG_20170817_102356457_1.jpg

Then I decided to merge the 2 and make it look like my office had a view of the Royals stadium:


IMG_20170817_102505.jpgI was able to do all of this, on the phone within seconds. The software is a bit glitchy as you can see on the laptop, but overall it looks pretty cool!


You can do that when you take a depth enabled picture, and go to edit. Then you select the background you want to remove, or change and use another picture. That's it, quite simple.


Hope you will try some of these and feel free to post your images below in the comments. 


Until Next Time

-- Your Product Ambassador Team



Sprint Product Ambassador

That is too cool!  I haven't gotten a clean foreground to set up something like that.  Sweet!

Sprint Product Ambassador

I really dig that feature and can see many ways of using it for business and personal. 

Thanks for sharing!