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Moto Z2 Force – Daily Use - Safe and Secure

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hope the teaser didn't confuse you too much but they really are related. Smiley Happy The Moto Z2 Force offers a quite a few options to keep you safe and secure, that I didn't have in the Moto e4 I had previously.

Finger print recognition:

I hate using a PIN or password every time I need to access my phone or an account, but it's one of those necessary tasks in order to secure your phone and other account information. This phone made life a little easier because the Moto Z2 Force has fingerprint recognition. This makes it easy to secure your phone and opens up other opportunities to use your fingerprint to secure your bank, credit cards, and other account access with those offering fingerprint sign in. You still may need to use a PIN now and then like when turning it on but other than that it’s a wonderful feature.


Moto Apps: Flash light, do not disturb and many more. 

Join fingerprint recognition with the Moto App and it opens up additional options. I really like the Moto App and I have written about this before but wanted to bring it up again because of the additional options with the Moto Z2 Force. It looks like the Moto App, but you immediately notice additional Actions and Moto Voice.

First of all, the Moto Actions are a HUGE benefit or they were to me. Need a flashlight? Just “chop” twice with the phone in your hand and voilà – the flashlight turns on and it is bright. Need to quickly silence your notifications and calls? Just flip the phone over face-down and it is silent. Just don’t forget you did that. I did and missed calls for a few hours. Smiley Indifferent


To get to these fabulous options just click the Moto App icon.motoapp1.jpg

You will see a quite a few options to choose from. Just scroll down the list and explore, you will be glad you did. Moto Actions shows easy to use actions or gestures. You just turn on the ones you want to use. I really like the "chop" feature for the flashlight. This works with the phone locked as well, so you don't have to fumble with it in the dark trying to enter your PIN or use a fingerprint to unlock the phone. Just don't show young children, unless you want them to shine it in your face over and over again. 




Moto Voice allows you to use your voice to secure your phone and to complete specific commands. Just select Moto Voice and follow the prompts. It will take you through a number of recordings and even ask if you want to use it to Bypass secure lock. This is a really cool feature, to easily use hands free to get to the info you need. 

Make sure you are in a quiet room, or at least not real noisy, and speak clearly or you it will tell you to try again. I am Texas born and raised and we have a little bit of an accent and I speak pretty fast and I only had to do one of the commands twice so that's pretty good - My hubby says, I am country as cornbread, so if it can complete setup with my voice I'm sure you won't have a problem. 




I hope this was helpful and that you continue to explore some of the features of the Moto Z2 Force.


Blog at you soon,





For all of the official details on the Moto Z2 Force click here


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