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Moto Z2 Force – Picture This!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Moto Z2 Force: Pictures this!

So this is not only an awesome phone but one of the coolest cameras yet. The picture quality is something to rave about and with the available Moto Mods how can you go wrong!


I thought I’d share some of the things I learned about the camera. I am an “out of the box” user. Not as in I do things that are “out of the box” but that I literally take the phone out of the box and use it as it is from the source. I was pleasantly surprised to see all of the options available to me and a few that I discovered accidentally, without the amazing Moto Mods. Don’t get me wrong I would love to have used the Moto Mod cameras to be able to experience it, but I wasn’t going to spend that much right now - Santa if you are watching I have had a pretty okay year so maybe drop that Hasselblad True - Zoom in my stocking. Since I don't have access right now here's a CNET video with the Moto Mod camera review.  Something to keep in mind is that it may only be available for one additional generation phone following the Z2, but if you purchase it you are most likely wanting to use it for an extended time with the Z2. 


The Moto Z2 Force has two cameras built in. This allows you to focus in on what you want and blur out what you would like to keep in the background or focus on what is in the background. The cameras are 12MP (megapixels) one is monochrome and the other color. The cameras work together creating clear, brilliant, quality photos without an attachment or having to download an additional app or having to read a manual or watch videos on how to use it. There are some options that if you want to get fancy with you may want to watch a video or read tech blog to get the most out of it.


The basics

Open the camera by holding it in your hand and twisting your wrist twice or the old fashion way by opening it using the camera icon. The cool thing about the twist is that you can pick up the phone and access the camera without actually getting into the phone. With the camera open, twist again and it changes to the front-facing camera for the perfect selfie. My grandbaby loved that!

If you try it and it doesn’t work, go to the Moto app>Moto Actions and select “Twist for Capture.twistforcamera.png




Enhanced options 

Enhanced options are also available such as: HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging), Selective Focus (also black and white selective) and Pro mode.  I have been a bit camera challeneged lately but even with the wind, rain and bumps in the road it still managed to take nice pictures.  

  • HDR (High Dynamic Range imaging) takes the best of multiple shots and combine them for the best result.
  • Pro allows you to select how it will look instead of the auto settings doing it for you. I tend to mess everything up when I do that but If you have the hang of it I have heard it works really great. 
  • Depth Enabled allows you to swap out backgrounds and use selective focus. but keep in mind you need to select it when you TAKE the picture. I wasted a lot of time trying to figure that out instead of reading a quick couple of bullets, which is I provided you with a link you can bookmark. Selective Focus allows you to focus in on what you want and blur out the rest. Say you want that amaing picture of a rose but want to blur the background, you can do that! Since it also offers selective black and white you can put that beautiful rose on the same background but change it to balck and white. Talk about cool, right? Keep in mind if the picture is too large the Depth Editing may not work. I had an image at 3 MB and it worked, but the 5MB image would not open using the Depth Editor. I have a question out to the Moto Z support forum on this so I'll provide an update when I get more info on it.  

Here are a few of my pictures. 

 Selective Focus Black and White and Selective Focus Remove BackgroundSelective Focus Black and White and Selective Focus Remove Background

HDR vs Original vs Black & WhiteHDR vs Original vs Black & WhiteMotorola has a handy site on how to manage your photos and since you can your photos on Google Photos you can get management tips there as well. For all of the official details on the Moto Z2 Force click here







Just real quick I want to share with you a quick way to get to settings and tutorials should you need them. You can go the long way via the menu to Device Help. If you haven't used it for other things, you will really like it. It's so easy to use. 

An easy way to get to what you need is with the camera open, slide across the screen from the left edge going right (swipe left to right).  the General camera setting will open. 


Screenshot_20170927-164317.pngI hope this post was of some use to you. Blog at you next time. Smiley Happy


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