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New iteration of the LG V series, does it hold water?

Sprint Product Ambassador

Just like clockwork, LG released the V60 for their summer launch window and stacked it with 5G for Sprint. It builds on the success of the V50 5G and upgrades several parts of the phone, making it a solid device for any user. Then to top it off, they have the dual screen option with it too (recall LG G8X) and now you have all your bases covered.





So the V60 comes with a bunch of new upgrades:

  • Latest SnapDragon 865 Octa-core processor
  • Tripple Cameras - one with 64MP highest in LG's lineup + 8K video recording
  • In-screen fingerprint reader for bio metrics
  • Dual Screen case

I am really impressed with the dual screen case. I like the fact that its a case and it will protect the phone as well as offer multiple features that other phones cannot today. It does make it bigger and heavier so be prepared for that.




Initial thoughts? I found the screen super crisp and vibrant, which is what I always expect from LG. The phone UI is very fluid and everything opens up in a snap. The battery lasts a very long time, I usually get 1.5 days out of it, that is with normal use with the dual screen. Camera pics come out great (more on that later). Overall an amazing choice for any power user or novice alike. Hope you give it a shot too


Until next time

-- Your PA Team



1 Comment

Hahaha. The dual screen. Good luck getting that. You have a better chance of being struck by lightning and winning the lottery on the same day then getting that dual screen.