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OnePlus 7 Pro 5G (from a Sammy Girl )


First, I should tell you I am a VERY loyal “Sammy Girl", so even considering a new phone that wasn’t a Samsung was not an easy decision for me!

I know I can’t be the only person out there who gets a little geeked out by packing and branding right? So…I wanted to include some fun stuff along with my unboxing and review. Let’s talk about messaging,
OnePlus 7 Pro 5G Sprint packagingOnePlus 7 Pro 5G Sprint packaging


“Never Settle”, is powerful branding, and resonates very well my current state of mind. Totally Never Settle OnePlusNever Settle OnePlusdigging the red, powerful color and I won’t need to question which USB C charging cord belongs to this phone!   



“Go Beyond Speed” another powerful statement, I’ll test that out in the coming days when I watch Go Beyond Speed OnePlusGo Beyond Speed OnePlusthe next episode of “Harlots” with my free Hulu with Sprint (shameless plug). The phone also comes with a clear shockproof phone case, wow that saves me a bit of $$ right off the bat.   A good reason to always open the box before shopping for a phone case!  I do have to say I was disappointed that there were no headphones, I have wireless headphones, but if you are on a long flight and your battery dies, like mine does, I like to have a backup option. There isn't an adapter in the box either!

Activation was a breeze, but you will need to know your account pin, be able to login to wifi AND have Sprint coverage. A System update will likely be required, so be patient and let it happen!  Although after I updated it required me to start all over and accept my Terms, then is checked for updates again, whew, no update required again. I used the Easy to use Google Copy to copy my data to my new phone bam, fast and easy.


Now on to finger print set up, I like the on-screen fingerprint reader, I used my thumb rather than my index finger like I did with my Note 9, it seems to work well, although it requires me to leave my thumb on longer than my Sammy, which is just a quick touch.


Once you are done you will get a message that allows you add another email, fingerprint, change font or “Review Additional Apps”. You might want to select this and decide if you want the apps that have been preselected for you. I chose not to install them. Choose wisely. 


Moving on…Screen Gestures, oh, I like these, no surprise they are 4 of the things I use most often, but check it out after your setup is complete, there are additional options, not available on my Note 9.

Side note, I also noticed they have a OnePlus Community App which I downloaded, a great way to provide your customers with a quick and easy way to get answers to their questions. If you are readying this blog, you are on the Sprint Community, be sure to join and if you have any questions the SMARTeam is always here to help!

Now to get all my apps and data updated, I downloaded Oneplus Switch on my Note 9.  You will have to give One Plus Switch access to your usage Data and allow it to write to your old phone, etc.  It will also ask you to turn off your Mobile Data access, so you don’t eat up your minutes.  Now you are ready to follow the easy to use instructions.  Yes, I find myself easily entertained by the little people dressed in red passing my data from my old phone to the new one 😊

So now that I have all my data transferred, I am testing out some of my apps. I was very disappointed that a few of them would not even run on the phone.  Best Fiends for example, I had to reinstall it, but then it worked. Once I was able to play, I noticed the visual clarity on the phone is better than my Note 9. I tried out the camera, while it is very good, there are only a few settings on the camera, but nothing in comparison to my Note 9. I like the little pop up selfie camera, but not sure it is worth giving up the "Beauty" setting for those selfie lovers. 


So now let’s talk 5G. I live in the KC area, so I was able to get 5G speeds, the phone was fast and I was able to get coverage in places I often dropped calls. Home for me is in a rural area, and I have very limited coverage, once I hit my driveway, I have no mobile coverage, from Sprint or any other carrier!  I rely on Wi-Fi calling. So, I was surprised that I was able to take a call! With my Wi-Fi turned off, I have a single bar of 3G coverage, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is more than I had before!  


Another very important spec for me is waterproof, I tend to be a bit clumsy, this phone is not waterproof, so definitely a con for me.  The power button was a little touOnePlus 7 Pro 5G Sprint Notifications buttonOnePlus 7 Pro 5G Sprint Notifications buttongh to push, at first, with the cover on, it also has a few extra buttons/features.   Above the power button is a slider button, for turning on/off notifications (not sure how necessary that is, with the volume buttons...maybe there is a need for the manual slider, I just have not discovered it yet!    


So far, I give the phone a big thumbs up, it is comparable to other Smartphones, but the Galaxy series still outweighs all other phones for me.  I am going to continue to use this for awhile and I'll update you on any "ah ha's". If you have specific questions, you can post them below, or ask them here and the Community can respond! 


However, don’t take my word for it!  Check out some of the reviews from the experts!

 Here are some additional links for specs and support. Got Questions? Start here:

Sprint Product Ambassador

Thanks for the callout!


Ok, Sammy Girl, you're a woman after my own heart. I was (and maybe still a bit of) a Samsung Galaxy fan, my last phone being a S8+, but I gotta tell ya, I have been researching the OnePlus brand for months and months, and the way they pack premium hardware and well designed (and frequently updated) software impressed me way before I got my hands on my 7 PRO 5G. Admittedly, my tiny Town in MA won't get 5G for quite a while, other than T-Mobile (soon to merge with Sprint) I could not afford nor connect an unlocked version, but when Sprint decided to Grace me with this phone, I had to jump on it! All my research into this phone came to fruition ( with the exception of ability to connect to my home WiFi network) I would say I was as satisfied as I was impressed. Hardware, software, ginormous screen with promised clarity, I dare say this phone is better than any Samsung i have ever owned ( that would be 5 in a row, each better than the last). I have watched the so-called pro reviewers praise and bash this phone, but the one mistake they ALL make is, OnePlus does a great job of offering a PREMIUM product, while finding innovative ways to cut purchase price to the customer. One that really drives me crazy, is people bitch about the missing "IP" rating. I have 2 great answers to that complaint. If you believe in the OnePlus brand as I do, then take their word for it that in-house testing has been done, passing the cost of the missing IP RATING on to the consumer. If you don't feel that trust has been earned, BUY THE **bleep** ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE INSURANCE! Whether you have the IP. Rating or not, if you don't have said insurance you won't get it replaced anyway. I think passing up gimmicks to save a good chunk of change is well worth it. Don't even get me started on "no wireless charging" or the fact that you actually might have to learn how Oxygen OS works to make it run Your Way. If you want a phone that figures it out for you, spend the extra $300-$500 on the latest iPhone, it's all figured out for you. Or, purchase the most current OnePlus phone, take a day to learn it's ins and outs, I believe you will be much happier in the end knowing you learned and set it up "exactly" the way you want it to, not how they(Apple, Samsung, etc) tell you it's supposed to work. PEACE!


@Skawtsimmons71 great feedback, I am sure others who try this phone will feel the same!  Feel free to add images or videos if you would like to share, we will be sharing this information with our OnePlus team!  Also keep and eye out for a video about the OnePlus 7 Pro from @AskSteve he is also a loyal Samm fan, and he is going to be using it and creating some video!  


Thank you A11ey! One of the biggest reasons that I purchased this phone (other than it being the best Android phone on the market) is OnePlus' history of fast updates and beta versions of new Android. Any chance of Spring unlocking the bootloader?

Community Manager

No chance.