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OnePlus 7 Pro - Two Speakers are Better Than One.

Sprint Product Ambassador

OnePlus 7 Pro - Two Speakers are Better Than One.


The OnePlus 7 Pro is the first of its kind to now incorporate not one but two speakers. One front facing speaker and the one bottom firing speaker. The front facing speaker typically handles more mids and highs, while the bottom speaker handles more mid to low sounds. Incorporated in the phone is the partnership with Dolby to provide Dolby Atmos. 


Dolby Atmos, I researched and found is a new way for sound to be expressed to a user. Rather than the traditional 2 speaker stereo, or the 5.1 channel surround sound, Dolby Atmos is more of a free form of sound manipulation. They call it moving audio. Where the audio sound is shaped to appear where you want it. Allowing the ever-changing sounds to be more expressive providing for a more immersed experience. 


2 channel (Stereo)2 channel (Stereo) 5.1 channel (Surround Sound)5.1 channel (Surround Sound) Dobly Atmos (Moving Sound)Dobly Atmos (Moving Sound)


Added with the Atmos was the added Scenario-based enhancements. letting Dolby Atmos choose the sound setting based on the dynamics of what the phone is registering through the Dolby Atmos algorithms. Basically, a preset equalizer.  The three options are Dynamic, Movie and Music.




A true Equalizer is available but only when you connect headphones. Then you can modify your style preference either via the pre-configured sound profiles which include balance, warm, nuanced, or none or modifying the equalizer based on your direct preferences. But this is not what I wanted to know. I wanted to know how loud these speakers are and do they provide a good crisp sound. 


Obviously, the sound output on its own at full blast seemed to fill a room but it was definitely disproportionate to the speakers and their location on the phone. The sound from the bottom speaker was coming out to be louder than the front speaker. This got me thinking how loud is loud. So, I decided to test the decibel(dB) output and find out. For this test I do not own any sound test equipment but downloaded an application "Decibel X" it had over 100k download and an average of 3.9 star review so I figured it maybe one to use and test with. Though keep in mind I am not an audio engineer and I was merely just playing to see the advantages of the speakers themselves.  


When running the test, I was able to see the following:


Bottom speaker showed an output of maximum of 114.5dB with an average of 100.4dB. The bottom speaker was definitely louder than the front firing one. on the front speaker I was only able to max the output to 102.7dB and an average of 91.1dB.


Bottom SpeakerBottom SpeakerFront SpeakerFront Speaker

Now I did not stop there No Sir Ree Bob. I thought to myself, "Self" if I was an audio engineer what else would I do. That is right we need to test the actual sound quality. So, I listened to the good Ole master audio engineers from Cambridge Audio. I figured they have been listening to speakers and sound quality for over 47 years they should know a thing or two and sure enough they had a nice article already created. Rather than taking and reapply that information here I will leave a link for all to visit cambridgeaudio. As Their article depicts they broke down the testing of speakers into categories (well rounded tracks, tracks with dynamics range, Foot-tap-ability, Bass, listen all the way through tracks).


Obviously, I cannot expect the same quality of sound to come from my little phones speakers and compare them to a full-fledged sound system. But I did anyways, as I wanted to hear the sound and understand do the speakers provide a good representation of what true sound should be like.  Let me tell you while I had no success for any low sounds or thumping to be heard, all mid-tier or high sounds came through great. Of course, I still heard thumping to simulate the bass sound hits but its not a true bass sound nor did i expect it to provide one. I felt the OnePlus 7 Pro did very well in providing a rich sound experience. But do not take my work for it go visit Cambridge and have a listen for yourself. 


Overall the sound quality I thought was decent. I haven't done this test a lot so I am still learning and comparing results. From the OnePlus 7 Pro I felt it yielded very great mid and high sound outputs. It did fall short on the bass but I cant blame them for this. Ultimately, the two speaker system is a much welcome present and the provided sound output should give users a great experience. 


Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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