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Pixel 4 XL - Google's new entry

Sprint Product Ambassador

Google has joined the ranks of the phone makers like Samsung, LG, etc. and have started to launch a smartphone or two annually. Last year's entry was the Pixel 4, and Pixel 4 XL. And just like the rest of them, they launch with the latest OS (in this case, Google wins out on launching the latest OS immediately), chipset, etc. etc. But Google also doesn't want to be the most expensive device, so they try to launch their phones at a relatively lower price point and the material choices say that loud and clear. It does not feel cheap though.





So where did Google decide to spend their money on the latest sub $900 gadget?


Mainly, they upgraded the screen. Not just the usual next gen OLED or LCD, this is where I believe they decided to differentiate themselves. Google chose to put a screen with 90 Hz refresh rate. Naturally movement blur is lessened and games and videos are smoother.


Secondly, Pixel 4 comes with an upgraded front camera that they have called "Project Soli" this camera lens aids in providing face unlock capability that rivals a fruit... with. 1. lens. With that, of course, they removed the finger print sensor - not sure I am happy about that...


And finally it comes with the latest Snapdragon 855 processor with 6 GB RAM <- the usual annual upgrade, along with better camera lenses and software that can really push it to the limit!


So should you indulge? If you are currently a 3a or older model owner, it is highly recommended. Since I have been using the Pixel 3a then jumped to the 4, I can say I do like the clean and lightweight Android Experience that is not burdened with manufacturer's own UI and carrier bloatware.


More to come about its camera prowess


-- Your Product Ambassador Team