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Review: LG G8x ThinQ & LG Dual Screen

Sprint Product Ambassador



More of the same...but that’s a good thing

Much like last year’s G7 ThinQ, the G8x ThinQ is more of an evolution than a revolution. Almost all the specs/features have been upgraded. You get: 6.4 inch display, an OLED screen, HDR video support, 6 GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage (expandable up to 2000 GB), a 4000 mAh battery, wireless charging, dual rear cameras and a whopping 32 MP front camera. I say almost everything but there are a few features that were neglected this time around. First, the screen isn’t 4K which I would have expected. That’s not to say that the screen is bad by any stretch. The HDR helps compensate but I would have preferred an upgrade to 4K. Lastly, LG has opted to replace the rear physical fingerprint scanner with a front in-screen fingerprint scanner (much like Samsung and Apple). Personally, I’m not a fan. The rear scanner on the G7 was perfect for one handed use and worked perfectly almost all the time whereas I find the G8x is difficult to use one handed and doesn’t always unlock on the first try, regardless of how many different finger profiles you have setup.  My hope is LG continues to refine and improve this feature.



Foldable…is it useful or just a gimmick

Credit: CNETCredit: CNETLG’s big feature this year isn’t part of the G8x itself but rather the accessory LG is marketing along with the G8x called the LG Dual Screen. Part case, part second screen, the Dual Screen is meant to increase productivity by giving you access to a second screen. All you need to do is simply fit the G8x into the holder and fold it open (like a book). Uses for the second screen range from watching videos while having other apps open, using multiple apps at one time, using the second screen as a game controller, seeing a preview of the picture you just took or using the Dual Screen as a stand. My first impression was that Credit: Phone ArenaCredit: Phone Arenait was a bit of a gimmick but having spent a couple of weeks with it, its anything but a gimmick and I find that I really like having that second screen. It’s not perfect though. First, its quite bulky, especially when its in your pocket. Second, while it may seem like it’s a case, and will probably protect the phone if dropped, the top of the dual screen will probably crack. And if you have the second screen folded behind the phone, the second screen (or the phone itself) could possibly break as well. My recommendation is pick up a case just for the phone and use that when you don’t plan on using the dual screen. 



Sound quality like no other

One of LG’s selling points is the sound quality of their high-end devices and I’m pleased to say that the G8x continues this trend. While the sound that comes through the phones external speaker sounds like most other phones, where it really shines is when you plug in your headphones. First, LG gives you DTS:X 3D Surround sound and a Hi-Fi Quad DAC. When you have 3D surround sound enabled, you get an immersive 3D balanced sound based on 1 of 3 settings (Wide, Front, Side to side). With Hi-Fi Quad DAC you can control the quality of your sound through several sound presets Credit: LGCredit: LG(Normal, Enhanced, Detailed, Live, and Bass) as well as apply digital filters (Short, Sharp, and Slow) which change the overall sound characteristics. Lastly you even get an option to adjust equalizer settings based on the type of sound you are listening to (Classic, Pop, Jazz just to name a few). I can’t emphasize enough how awesome the sound quality is. 


Upping the camera game

As mentioned earlier, LG has included multiple cameras in the G8x this year. First, you get two rear cameras (12 MP normal, 13 MP wide shots) as well as HDR support and several picture modes (Studio, Portrait, Photo, and Manual). In addition to standard things like auto flash and in-camera filters, you can also specify how many pictures you want to take at once (up to 10). As for the front, LG has included a whopping 32 MP camera. I’m not much of a selfie taker but when you’re taking selfies at the highest setting (32 MP), you’ll notice a difference when compared to other front facing cameras.


Closing thoughts  

All in all, LG has another winner this year with the G8x ThinQ and the LG Dual Screen. Both give you premium quality at an affordable price.  If you’re thinking of trying out something new or looking to upgrade from your old LG phone, give both a try, I think you’ll be a convert like me. Let me know what you think of both or if you have any questions, leave them in the comments.