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S10+ New features - Power Share

Sprint Product Ambassador

The S10+, as mentioned in my previous blog, is a feature packed phone just like all of their flagships and many other competitors, so I wanted to share a few more features here today.


We briefly discussed the Display Finger print sensor on this device already that is a break through in this type of device security.


Well in this iteration of the Galaxy line, Samsung also added a few key features that I originally didn't think much of, but after using the phone, I am a believer03-1-hk-en-S10-wireless-powershare


The coolest option I felt was overkill, but loved it when I needed it, is the wireless charging another device! When I heard about it, I was like who would use that? This is ridiculous! However, in crunch time, it was a life saver. My wife and I were at our daughter's doctor's appointment one day and she realized that her phone's battery is almost gone. I usually carry a charger in my back pack this time, my back pack was at home. We had some time before the appointment and I suddenly realized my S10+ has this new thingamajiggy called Power Share that would help (if it worked). Once activated via the drop down button menu, all that was needed was to put her phone on top of mine.


The charge was slow but the good news was, while we were waiting, her phone got enough juice to last her until we got back home which was a couple of hours. Although during that time neither one of us could use our phones, it still gave a short lifeline in case she needed her phone for any reason.


Ive got more in store, but #NotToday

Until Next Time

--Your Product Ambassador Team