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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Enhanced Messaging (RCS) + POSSIBLE Issue Fix - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hello everyone!


I wanted to take a minute to post a troubleshooting/quick fix blog instead of the typical “this is what your device can do” blog.  Why?  Well, I personally experienced some issues with RCS (Enhanced) Messaging on my Galaxy Note 8, and I wanted to help others fix it, as I can see there are quite a few others with a similar complaint with the Note 8, S8, and S8 Plus.


Follow along to fix your issue if you’re having the same problem!


What is RCS (Enhanced) messaging?

I would be remiss if I did not first take a second to explain what RCS is, and why you want it.  First, RCS Stands for Rich Communication Services and expands upon the traditional text messaging (SMS) experience for users.  It enabled users to have improved group chats, share high-quality photos (instead of those grainy 1970’s-looking snaps), enables delivery/read receipts, and more! If you happened to use a device with Apple’s iOS, then you know the basics of RCS.  This functionality has been missing from the Android platform, and Google is partnering with OEMs and carriers to ensure this is enabled.



  • Group chats instead of multiple chain & disassembled text messages
  • High-quality photo sharing versus grainy/pixelated photos
  • Delivery/Read Receipts on messages


The Samsung RCS experience:

On other devices, users may have the stock Android Messages app (available on Google Play for any device). This application is native to allowing RCS should your carrier/device allow it. However, Samsung does not come stock with the Android Messages application on it, instead it comes with Samsung Messages, which is a different application altogether.


Previously, Samsung had its own Enhanced Messaging on its devices that enabled Samsung-to-Samsung users to experience a “chat-like” experience. However, as we have progressed with RCS, Samsung has adopted this technology to enable the chat-like experience across other OEM devices.

Within the Samsung Messages application, while using RCS, you can send messages to your friends/family and se when they’ve been delivered and read. In addition, you can send higher-quality photos instantly, allowing the other party to see your photo in all its glory.  This is important on devices with amazing cameras, much like the Note 8!


Unlike the Android Messages application, Samsung takes it a step further to show when you’re using RCS versus text messaging. If the other user is using RCS, the “SEND” button and message bubbles turn green. If they’re not, or RCS is unavailable due to network or other conditions, the messages being sent are sent as text and the “SEND” button turns orange.


The Samsung RCS Issue:

Okay, that should give enough back-story to RCS and some of its functionality on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  Now we can get to the problem that I, and others, have experienced on the device when attempting to use RCS.


Many users have complained of devices notifying them in the Samsung Messages application that enhanced features are available. The user is prompted with an option to click next and should either have a background notification go through to enable the features automatically or may receive a text message with a verification code. Some users might see a box at the top of the text threads that says “Enter Verification Code” with a timer on it (five minutes). The problem is that users are not always having the RCS enable automatically or are never receiving a text message verification code. This disallows the user to use RCS.


There is a fix that worked for me, and I am extremely hopeful that it will work for you.  Please post a comment below if it did or did not work for you!


The Fix

I spent some time trying to fix this issue after reading other posts with similar issues, and my fix resolved it immediately.



  • Navigate to Device Settings
  • Click “Device Maintenance”
  • Click Battery on the lower-left
  • Click “Battery Usage” under the estimated battery life
  • Click the three dots in the upper right and click “Optimize Battery Usage”
  • Change dropdown from “Apps not optimized” to “All Apps”
  • Scroll to Configuration Message and ensure it’s not blue (off)
  • Scroll to Messages (Samsung is Orange, Android is blue if you have it installed) and ensure it’s not blue (off)
  • Exit settings and open Messages, click the three dots in the upper right and click “Settings”
  • Click “Chat Settings”
  • Toggle Rich Communication Settings to On (Orange)
  • Back out of the settings and give it a bit and you should be fully registered
  • You may receive an automated message stating “Messaging’s enhanced features have been enabled (Confirmation ID: xxxxxx)
  • Test with another known RCS user to see if your chat turns green

This immediately resolved my issue and appears that the problem lies in the battery optimization setting of the Configuration Message setting. Since this is being optimized, I believe that it is being suppressed from utilizing battery life in the background. Since there isn’t a real way to force it, the only way is to ensure it’s not an optimized feature on the device.


Here’s a quick visual walkthrough of the above steps



This issue has been fixed and I have been able to enjoy RCS without any problems since.  Let me know if this does/doesn’t work for you, as I am curious! 


As always, thanks for reading! 



Troy Glidden

Service & Repair Manager

Portland, OR area

Follow me on Twitter: 


The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity.


Tried the fix and still doesn't work.  Just waiting for code.  Optimize battery is off on messages and configuration messages.   Tried this on wifi and off wifi, different locations, and with android messages/samsung .   Tried updating profile , PRL, reprovision.   Tried even calling sprint support but they kept pushing the problem to someone else wasting a lot of time.     I tried this on Unlocked S8+ and Sprint S8+.   Unlocked doesn't even have the option in samsung messages.   Currently on sprint S8+ and been trying this for a couple days now.  what am i doing wrong?  


a quick update ....So sprint accually called me to ask why I didn't get my issue resolved with support and set up a in store appointment with a tech.  He took my phone and after about an hour came back and said he couldn't fix it and didn't know what was wrong.  This phone is 4 days old from Assurian.  (old one broke)  He said call assurian to get a new one.  IF GOOGLE VOICE INTERGRATION wasn't removed i wouldn't care about this at all...but I need txt over wifi.  If no one responds I will just have to leave sprint.


update!  Thanks to sprint community admin Em_Will_I_Am  I have finally resolved the issue.  PM'd info to get it fixed.  Thanks for the help @Em_Will_I_Am !


@brentonkimoto care ti share the solution? I have a Note 8 thru sprint but I dont even get the enhanced features text - i have done what is in the comments and nothing.


I dont really like the android messaging app, but it doesnt seem like it even works on that either. 😞


@JustJillian  After trying all steps in comments I PM'd my info to @em_will_I_Am and there was an issue with the servers that had to be fixed.  


Received the Oreo update today on my Sprint S7.  Previously used Android Messages along with the chat (RCS) features.  Upon upgrade, Samsung Messages started intercepting my chat messages.  So I tried turning off, but then decided to turn back on.  Now I can't reactivate chat on either Samsung Messages or Android Messages.  Same symptoms described in this chain for Samsung Messages.  I never receive the confirmation code and registration fails.  I tried the methods described in this chain.  No luck.


I am using the S9+ and I've followed all the steps, but after turning the RCS setting on, I don't actually get the text confirmation indicating the service is enabled. When I enable the setting, I can see some of my contacts have a blue dot next to their contact icon/photo and when I disable this setting, that blue dot goes away. I assume that's an indication something is happening. 


I am not seeing any differences in the contacts/messages other than some contacts having a blue dot and some not, but I will keep looking around. 


I am using a Note 8 with Oreo, and it looks like my RCS is working, however it is only giving me the option to chat with Sprint subscribers - is this how the RCS is supposed to work? My sister has an S8 and she can utilize the chat function with any samsung phone on any carrier. 


Is this how the RCS / Chat feature works on sprint? Am I really only allowed to use the chat feature with other sprint subscribers? If that's the case that is really lame on sprints part.

Sprint Product Ambassador

@JustJillian, no, RCS should work cross-carrier should the other carrier support RCS as well.  It's absolutely not carrier-specific, that would be awful! 

Sprint Product Ambassador

@brentonkimoto  Happy to hear that @Em_Will_I_Am was able to help get the ball rolling.  Clearly there is much more at play than a simple fix.  Perhaps I was lucky, as were some others, and perhaps others just have some more complex issues requiring carrier involvement! Unfortunately, I don't know enough about RCS on the carrier-side to really help or speak to that so I'm glad @Em_Will_I_Am was able to assist!  




I'm having a hard time turning my "Messages" tab on when I'm in the "Optimize Battery Usage" page through device maintenance. It's not letting me click over the toggle so that its on. Any tips?


This doesn't work for me 😞Screenshot_20180705-051548_Settings.jpg



They won't toggle 

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hmm, that's odd indeed! However the good news is, optimization is already off. I assume Samsung turned it off in one of the last software pushes and then disallowed toggling it as you're noricinn. I'd assume they did it due to these RCS registration issues in an effort to resolve. 





Samsung Note 8 User. Updated profile.

My option is greyed out. Any ideas?


I have Galaxy s8, bought October 2017 with Sprint service.  Utilizing Samsung Messages

Recently text messages have been extremely slow in sending, very frustrating.

I have completed all the actions outlined here and elsewhere.  Still slow sending from my home in Stuart Florida.

I was on hold on the phone and sent a text, it went straight away.  Strange.  Can this be a signal strength issue for texting only?  Phone and internet searches on Chrome work fine.

Text sending is still slow, what should I try next?



It didn't work. 


After reaching out to Samsung and Sprint regarding my enhanced messaging not working, I found this. I believe I followed the steps correctly. I have the Galaxy S9 so I think the colors a little bit different but I turned the Configuration messaging off for the optimize battery option and then turned my RCS off and back on. I am hoping it will start to work again. I haven't gotten the enhancement text message like I have before so I am not sure. Thank you though. 


I have followed all the steps I was able to.... When I get to chat settings it won't open, says it will send a confirmation code and it doesn't! 


I have tried these steps, but it didn't fix my issue. My RCS quit working, and has not been corrected yet. I've tried these steps shown in the posts by Troy_Glidden. I tried clearing the data, and cache for the Messenger app. I've turned off the phone for more than 10 seconds, and restarted it didn't fix it. I even updated my PRL, and Profile. None of the things I've tried have fixed it. It was working and just quit while I was having a conversation with a contact who also has a Samsung, which is a S7 Edge. My phone is a Note 8. It will attempt to send in the "Chat" format, but then switches to SMS/MMS to send. If I look at the "Message Details" while its being sent in "Chat" mode it will show the status as "Sent" but never shows delivered, and then after 5-10 minutes will switch to the SMS/MMS  and send.