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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Samsung Pay Rewards

Sprint Product Ambassador

I may be the last person on the Product Ambassador team to set up online pay feature. I didn't trust it, and thought it would be hard to use. But since I found out I could get rewards by using it, I figured I would give it a shot. 


And boy howdy was it not only easier than I thought to set up, but it also has been a lifesaver for me. 


Setting it up was easy, just take a picture of your debit card and add in the details, add a pin or iris or fingerprint security, and within 5 minutes I was set up. The Samsung walks you through what to do. (The longest part for me was setting up the fingerprint, since I kept on fidgeting too much). 


And how did it save me? Last week in a crazy holiday madness moment, I went grocery shopping with just my phone and keys (left the purse at home - with my license - oops!). Full cart, with frozen items, and halfway through bagging the groceries I realized my wallet was not with me. Fortunately, the store was able to accept Samsung Pay via the magnetic secure transmission (MST). When the phone is held against one of these registers, the phone emits a magnetic signal that simulates the magnetic strip found on the back of a credit or debit card. Groceries Saved!  (Note: If you are using a debit card through Samsung Pay, you may still need to enter the card PIN on the terminal. Once the payment is made you will get a notification that confirms the merchant name and the amount of your purchase.)


Now if that was the only cool thing, it would be enough - but Samsung Pay and Sprint make using the application a game, with rewards.  Samsung already offers reward points for every use of Samsung Pay. But with Sprint now has exclusive rewards that give Sprint customers and employees an edge. Use your points to win a fabulous vacation or for $ off your next Uber ride. Still need gift cards for Christmas? Sprint gets extra discounts on these too. These rewards are refreshed frequently so check back often. 

(And some of those rewards will come in handy when you are broke after the holiday bills come in, am I right?) 


Learn More Here: 

Until next time, and Happy Holidays!