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Samsung Galaxy S10 – First Impressions and 3 months in – Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey everyone!


Boy has it been a while since my last blog! I have been meaning to spend some time on some blogs for my latest device, the Samsung Galaxy S10+, but I’ve been unable to find the time!  I’ve got quite a few more installments coming up, so let’s dive right into my first impressions and fast forwarding to today and how I enjoy it still being my daily driver!


First impressions

The Galaxy S10+ is slick.  Sure, it’s very similar to its predecessors, but it’s yet another innovation for Samsung.  Opening the box displays the double front-facing camera, and pulling it out exposes the three cameras on the rear.  With 5 cameras, this phone has to be pretty good, right?  It’s light, slim, and sets up very easily out of the box. The enhanced Samsung One UI makes using any Samsung phone easier, faster, and less daunting. Everything is right at your fingertips, and once you set up the device, it’s a breeze to operate from there!  The One UI is singlehandedly one of my favorite features of newer Samsung handsets.   Let’s look at some specs and comparison


GS10 Plus Specs

  • 6.4” AMOLED Screen
  • Comes in 128GB, 512GB, and 1 TB variants. Man, I remember when internal memory could only hold 600 contacts max..
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Rear Camera array: Triple lens, 16-MP Wide Angle Camera, 12 MP Standard Camera, 12 MP Telephoto
  • Front camera array: 10 MP and 8 MP dual lens camera
  • Fingerprint Sensor in the display!
  • 4,100mAh battery


With the feature list on the GS10+, it’s already a leader in the pack.  While on the surface it might look very similar to the other GS10 variants, it is different in many ways. (disclaimer: GS10 5G is not being compared here at this time)


  • Screen size is the largest of the GS10 Series coming in at 6.4” vs 6.1” on GS10 and 5.8” on GS10e.
  • Internal Memory comes in three versions where the GS10 offers 128 GB/512TGB and GS10e offers 128GB/256GB.  If you’ve got memory to store, the GS10+ is a clear choice here!
  • In the camera game, the GS10+ by far has the most cameras to deliver an exceptional photo-taking experience. GS10 packs the triple lens rear camera array, but sports only a single front-facing camera at 10MP.  The GS10e, on the other hand, is only a dual lens rear camera array with the same single 10MP lens on the front. 
  • Let’s talk fingerprint sensor comparison. If you’re looking at any device in the GS10 lineup, you’ll get the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor built into the display. However, if you go with the GS10e, you’ll trade this Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor for a capacitive scanner on the power button on the side of the device.  There are arguments in support or against either option, but I personally find the Ultrasonic Fingerprint Sensor to be a convenient, quick option.
  • Finally, battery life on the GS10+ comes in at 4,100 mAh compared to 3,400 mAh on GS10 and 3,100 mAh on GS10e. The GS10+ packs more power for the long haul for whatever you might want to throw at it! It’s ready to tag along on any adventure.


Wireless power share

WHAT?! I can help my friends and family out when they’re in a pinch?  With Wireless Power Share you can help others charge their wireless-charging enabled handset simply by sacrificing some of your own battery life!   I’ll spend some more time on this in another blog, but it’s worth a nod here!


Three Months in…

I’ve used the GS10+ for about three months now.  It’s my daily driver and does everything I need it to do, plus more.  I’ve saved myself some down time on other devices (Galaxy Gear S3 Frontier) by using Wireless Power Share, I’ve snapped some great photos using all of the available lenses, and I’ve still not filled the 128GB of memory (I’m at 83.6GB and counting..).  The battery life on the GS10+ is amazing and lasts me from 5 AM until at least 10 PM every day, even with continuous use.  While this may seem like it doesn’t last that long, in my world that is hard to come by. Depending on your notification settings, frequency, phone calls, screen on time, app settings, etc., your battery life can be severely different from another user. Therefore, with battery life, it’s really a YMMV situation. However, I know this device will provide fantastic battery life, even for the most hardcore users.


Battery life snapshot example!

Battery life is fantasticBattery life is fantastic


Here are some photos I've taken with the handset so far that are some of my favorites: 

Dallas Cowboys HQ - Irving, TXDallas Cowboys HQ - Irving, TXMTSU Women's SoftballMTSU Women's SoftballOne of my wife's flowers after a brief showerOne of my wife's flowers after a brief shower