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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus – This Camera is AMAZING – Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey Everyone!


The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is quite literally one of the best devices to have in your hand every day. It’s powerful, lasts all day plus more, and takes absolutely stunning photographs.  I am currently sporting two new devices right now, but the Samsung GS10+ is absolutely the front-runner at this point!


Today I wanted to take some time to chat about the camera, or more honestly, simply display some great photos and videos snapped on my GS10+ over the last few months.


The Galaxy S10+ packs some serious camera functionality.  Yes, the specs are impressive (you can check that out in my other blog HERE), but the capture is really what shines.


First, let’s chat about the camera application itself in case this is your first setup.


Within the camera application, you have tons of options including: Instagram (post direct to IG), Food, Panorama, Pro, Live Focus (one of my favorite features), Photo, Video, Super Slow-Mo, Slow Motion, and Hyperlapse.  Each function of the camera is accessible from a swipe to the left or right.  Want to take a selfie? Slide up/down to flip to the front cameras.


Make sure to adjust the settings of the camera itself, such as turning on motion photos, shot suggestions, grid lines, quality of the photo, geotagging, etc.  Your options here may vary, as each person is different in the experience they want.


Live Focus

Live Focus is probably one of the nicer features on the GS10 Camera. You can use this option on both the Front and Rear camera options. This functionality can change the entire perspective of your photo and make it pop more than a traditional photo would. It creates depth of field and various artistic effects to enhance any photo.   You can check out a quick video from Samsung on Live Focus here.


Within live focus you can adjust the Blur, Spin, Zoom, and Color point, allowing you to fully customize the photo on the fly without a need for editing apps.  Plus, after you’ve snapped a photo in Live Focus mode, you can navigate back to the Gallery to change the effect again and again!


Here’s one of my favorite photos of me taken with the GS10+ using Live Focus while I was visiting Dallas Cowboys HQ in Irving, TX.



Super Slow Motion

Super Slow Motion is a fun feature to use. We're seeing it today with the #BottleCapChallenge, but it's useful in many settings. I find it great to use for sports with my kids. It's fun to watch the moments in slow motion and edit the focal point to a particular event worth of slow motion.  


Here is one of my daughter at Softball Practice this summer. 




Tons of options

There are numerous options for the photographer in you.  If you’re a professional, perhaps the Pro mode is where you feel most comfortable. Maybe you’re an Instagram Influencer, and the IG integration is your home, or maybe you’re a foodie always taking photos to share with others. Whatever your preference is, the Cameras and features on the Galaxy S10+ have you covered.  Live the moment, capture the moment, share the moment.


Here are some of all-time favorite shots taken on my Galaxy S10+ in various camera modes. (NOTE: These have had quality reduce to allow upload due to size restrictions here on the Sprint Communities Forum)

Tulips in SpringTulips in SpringTennessee State CapitolTennessee State CapitolTennessee State Capitol looking upTennessee State Capitol looking upDallas Cowboys Press RoomDallas Cowboys Press RoomScarab beetle with penny - Size comparisonScarab beetle with penny - Size comparisonCarlos Santana - Live at the Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TNCarlos Santana - Live at the Grand Ole Opry - Nashville, TNNashville, TNNashville, TNPrepping for summer - Evening, Low-light capturePrepping for summer - Evening, Low-light capture



Thanks for reading!  What are your favorite features of the camera on the GS10+? 

Sprint Product Ambassador

The camera seems to be great and really like the slow-mo video demo!

Sprint Product Ambassador

@RLCOLLECTOR68  - This camera is hands down the best one I've used on a mobile device. I loved the Note 9, but this one even beats that one!  It just knows what you're snapping, and assists. No pro mode necessary, although, I'm sure if I learned it I could have much better photos.  Hard to narrow down to these finalists, but I figured I might overload the SprintCommunities forum if I uploaded them all 😉 


Also, I miss softball season already, cannot wait for winter for my little one to get back out there!