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Samsung Note 10 Fun with S pen

Sprint Product Ambassador

S-Pen for Note 10


Let’s talk abut the re-engineered S-Pen for a little while. Some are even calling the newest S-pen a magic wand with all the new features. First feature that had me saying the ohhhhhs and ahhhhs is how the pen is able to pick up and detect different motions allowing for different functions to be performed more easily. One example of this is flicking it side to side to navigate through the photo gallery. Another feature regarding photos is with a click you can take photos making group photos much easier and if you want to flip between front and rear cameras there is a motion for that too. If you desire to raise or lower volume level guess what? There is a motion for that. Navigating through a presentation including play, pause and snapping a picture has been made super easy with either a click or air action. One feature that I don’t find myself using is the s-pens ability to convert handwritten words into editable text. For me personally I have not found a time that I would write and convert faster than just going straight to texting direct but the option is there for anyone who does enjoy physically writing versus texting. If you want to get creative you can change the thickness of the output as well as the color. Last feature I have found to be useful is screen off memo which was available in previous versions of the note so it has only gotten better. Overall I would say S-Pen for the win and I am still discovering new features daily.


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