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Screen durability tested through mystery Samsung Note 10 plus

Sprint Product Ambassador

So this blog is the tale of how the Note 10 plus had a spontaneous cracking. Firstly I have now officially had the device for 6 months and have enjoyed the use and it has been durable since. Secondly, it will need to be determined what in fact did happen however, it will likely not be determined prior to have to get this blog submitted. So let's begin the tale. It had been a long day and phone usage was unusually high on this particular day between gaming, working and taking pictures at my sons orchestra performance which I must say the battery was quite impressive but I will save that topic for the next blog. So let's continue, we arrived back ho9me after a busy day and I placed the Note 10 plus on top of the wireless disc for charging as I do at the end of every day. I climbed into bed and woke the next morning only to discover there had been a tragic spontaneous screen cracking. I hadn’t moved it all night and it appeared to be right where I left it but with a large crack right in the screen. Now that was a mystery why or better question how did this happen. I cant completely rule out that one of my children came into the room at night and knocked table sending note 10 to its demise but I feel as though if that were the situation I would have awoken. Whatever the reason there is, unfortunately, no magical rewind button to figure out the real happenings but at the moment I have yet to fix it because well it is heartbreaking to fork out $215 to repair it what I still haven’t figured out the mystery. Overall even after the fall there has been no interruption of usage and all functions have remained intact and at some point soon I will break down and repair it but until then if you may know the solution to the mystery give me a Kudo and comment below what you think happened.


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