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Smart View on the Galaxy S10+

Sprint Product Ambassador

A feature I use quite regularly on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ is Smart View. Smart View is the ability to cast whatever is displayed or playing on your device to another device, whether it be visual, audio, or both.


For me, there is a workout app that is not available for my Android TV, Roku, XBOX 360, or my Apple TV. However, it is available on Android for smart devices, such as on my GS10+. So, when I want to workout in my living room, I launch Smart View.


Launching Smart View is very simple. Simply drag down the top menu bar and select “Smart View.”




Smart View will find any other device connected to your WiFi network that can accept the cast sent out from your GS10+. Just select your device of choice. For me, I always select my Android TV for Smart View and cast to that.




The screen dimensions are altered to fit the screen you’re casting to.





I can think of some other great uses for this tool. For example, when you go on vacation and capture so many fantastic photos with the awesome GS10+ camera, you’ll want to show those to your family and friends, why not cast the photos with Smart View to your large TV to show off your photos? Or let’s say you need to cast a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation and there is not a projector, but there is compatible TV, how great to pull up that presentation and cast it to the TV with Smart View!


I suggest you give Smart View a try if you haven’t already done so yet. You’ll love it!