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Spigen Liquid Crystal Case for the Samsung Note 10+ - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

I am fortunate to be using a Samsung Note 10+. With a beautiful, iconic device like this, you need protection you can trust! Having used Spigen for years and not being disappointed, I turned to Spigen for the Note 10+.


The color of the Note 10+ that I have is the Aura Glow (Silver). It is gorgeous! I do not want to hide its beauty, so I had to go with a clear case. I decided to purchase the Spigen Liquid Crystal case.






This case is crystal clear, allowing you to be able to see the beauty of the device, rather than hiding it.






It is lightweight and flexible. It also has a shock-absorbent layer. The material is TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane).


It is very thin, and easily slips in and out of your back pocket. However, it is not slippery where it would fall of your desk, lap, out of your hands, etc.


The cutouts are precise and in the right spots. Also, it works great with wireless charging!



If you’re looking for an affordable case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ that shows off its beauty, and that comes from a reputable manufacturer, you may want to look into the Spigen Liquid Crystal Case.


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Sprint Product Ambassador

That's the case my son wanted - and it does offer pretty serious protection on the corners from drops while showing off the rainbow of colors off the back of the phone.  I'm vaguely jealous, with my industrial grey ToughArmor case hiding everything...