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Sprint Home - VIEW Indoor Smart Camera - Initial Setup

Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Home - VIEW Indoor Smart Camera - Initial Setup



The Sprint VIEW indoor Smart Camera has a simple setup process that if followed properly will yield the correct results. First step is to obtain the Sprint Home application available for download on either Google Playstore or Apple App Store. Once installed users will need to setup a NEW account. This application is not associated with your Sprint account credentials for security it is separated by design. Please follow proper steps on creating an account. Since I am using an Android my setup will be following the android path.



Once logged in users are brought to the HOME tab which shows your TILE of devices connected. Other tabs include the account tab (used to update your security credentials), Rules (used to configure Sprint Home products automation tasks), Activity (logs of captured events), Devices (used to manage current and new devices). 



Select the Device tab and click the plus icon in the top right hand corner to add a new device to your Home. You will be presented multiple steps to pair your camera. I suggest your device you are doing the pairing with to be on the same exact network you will be pairing your camera to.  The camera can only connect on 2.4 Gigahertz. It is advised by me to change to it so you will match for this setup but is not required. 


The camera will take a little bit to turn on. It should auto begin pairing mode with a audible response stating it is ready to pair. The light will be flashing green. Select "Ready" Then  you will be prompted to change your WiFi to connect directly to the camera. Select the Camera which should be listed as SPRCAM-xxxxxxx 


****very critical once connected to the camera you WILL get a popup to ask if you want to stay connected as the current network has NO INTERNET. select YES....


You will now be connected to the Camera and as such should now be presented with the option to choose the network you would like the Camera connected to.  here you will select the network and enter the password for the camera to connect to.  PAIRING will begin and this will take a while to finalize as it will also look for and update its firmware. Mine took about 5 Minutes. After completed you will need to name the camera. select the appropriate name or make one up. Congratulations you have successfully paired your device. 


Here is My video capture of the process as well. 




Now that your camera is connected what do you do now. Well that is where the RULES tab comes into play.  Here is where you set the automation part on how you would like to use the camera.  Select the plus icon in the top right corner to begin. The rule is setup with a trigger using a specific time and either motion or sound and then an action what you want the device to do record a video and or send a notification. 


When setting the trigger you will choose the camera you want to set the trigger for. Because it is a camera, we are setting the detection will only be based on motion.  Next, choose both when to record and what days to record on. Currently it defaults to anytime, but you can choose a specific time to begin like 8am and end at 5pm and choose all days of the week or only select Monday through Friday.  Now we will focus on the Action. Choose the Camera again for the action and this time select what you want. Currently the device defaults to record and sends a notification. Some users may only want recordings to be done as notifications may not be needed for some cameras. Once done simply name the rule click done and the new rule will now become active. 


Here is My video capture of the process as well.



I hope this gives you some assistance in setting up your new camera and or provides some additional insight to how the Sprint VIEW indoor camera initial process works. Keep an EYE out for my next blog on the usability of the Camera and deeper understanding of the functionality available to users. 


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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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