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Sprint Product Ambassador: Diving into App Edge

Sprint Product Ambassador

As a Sprint Product Ambassador I get to have new devices more often than most people. The upside: New technology, new features. The downside: Having to learn a whole new set of shortcuts or buttons (especially when I am not super tech savvy). And don't even get me started on having to set up the home page!


Over the years though it has gotten easier, what with the whole Smart Switch application even seamlessly transferring contacts, photos, music, videos, messages, notes, calendars and more to virtually any Samsung Galaxy device (last move for me was the Galaxy S8 to the Note). It even copied the exact way my Home Page was set up - the icons in which order. Talk about a timesaver! 


But I have matured beyond wanting just my home page work for me, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 App Edge has been one of my favorite features. The Apps Edge can be reached by sliding over the white tab on the right of the screen to the middle of the screen. Then click the Settings icon to customize for you. Do you want certain applications to be accessed quickly? Or reminders? Or people? other categories include Device Maintenance, Tasks edge, Weather, Quick Tools, Samsung Internet, Sports, Finanace, CNN, Smart select (to use with the S pen), Calendar, Yelp for Samsung, Support & More.  You can even decide if you DON'T want to enable the App Edge. 


I have App Edge, Reminders, Weather and Calendar tabs on mine.  And since it is absolutely so easy to customize, I have found myself actually changing the order or applications or tools on a weekly basis. (Like over the holiday time off, I didn't need to see the work email, and during the holiday shopping rush, I needed Amazon Shopping to be more available). 



Have you used App Edge? What do you like about it? What tricks do you use with it?  I know one thing I still want to try is the App Pairing (you can learn more about that here: 


Until next time!