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Sprint Product Ambassador: LG Dynasty and Keeping the Kids Entertained

Sprint Product Ambassador

The last month or so, due to various reasons like bad weather or appointments, my kids have been stuck in the car with me on the road way more than we are used too. And having us agree on which music to play (or listening the "Hamilton" for a millionth time) is not all that easy. 


Thankfully though,  2 applications that are pre-loaded on the LG Dynasty have saved them from boredom and saved me from going bananas. 


1) Hulu! Yes, remember that with the Sprint Unlimited plan, you get to have Hulu?

I now can hand the phone to the kids, and have them choose a show to watch in the car, with headphones on so I don't need to hear the sass back talk on tween shows. And it streams great, since RootMetrics proved that Sprint had a great network in Chicago: 


2) PENUP (Which I know was an application first for the Samsung S Pen, but somehow ended up on my LG Dynasty. PENUP is described as a coloring application social network (meaning you can share your art with other members of PENUP.  But my kids don't have to share their art, all it means is that they can color and be creative, and not have to play a game or watch a video.


It's relatively easy to use, and can provide even the most antsy back seat driver with enough of an distraction until the traffic clears up. 

Made with one finger in a moving car.Made with one finger in a moving car.Lot's of choices of coloring sheets!Lot's of choices of coloring sheets!

What LG applications - or specifically LG Dynasty features - have you found to be helpful for taming the boredom? Have you tried steaming Hulu on it yet? 


Until next time!