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Sprint Product Ambassador: What's the Buzz about Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Sprint Product Ambassador

I tend to in my reviews keep to the same basic issues and topics for the devices I blog about, but I really enjoy the opportunity to learn about some of the more hi-tech or cool things the devices can do. 


Since the S Pen is new to me - I am glad many of my peers have written about the features. 

@wingland has a great video in the article about the Screen Off Notes, where you can pop out the s-pen and start writing on the screen without unlocking, launching a separate app or anything.


Did you know about the Air Command Feature? (I didn't!). I wasn't even sure what it was - To get started, hover the S Pen over the screen and press the S Pen button. You can change the settings of your SPen via Advanced Features, and personalize what applications and shortcuts you can have. Read more about it @HungBui's article:




Speaking of the S Pen - I didn't know you could write over pictures! See how @Ferbet used it to help with the shopping list:


And what about Calling Plus? What is it? It is a new feature for enabling both WiFi Calling and LTE Calling. Learn more about it with @Allizproc's article:


So check out all these cool features, and let me know if you have any other secrets to share!