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Sprint Product Ambassadors: Samsung Galaxy S10+ Battery Test

Sprint Product Ambassador


The battery life on the Galaxy S10+ is so good that it is ruining my traditional charging habits.  Instead of slavishly charging every night, I just don't worry about it and can be assured that it will be fine the next day.  This has happened several times, and now, I'm just getting lazy.  I charged it Sunday when I went to sleep, used it a normal amount Monday and Tuesday.   I woke this morning to reach for my phone, only to find it in the pocket of my pants.  No charge since Sunday, and it was still at 19%!  Incredible.


It's not just the large battery, because some phones have even larger capacity batteries.  The S10+ actively manages what's running so nothing runs the battery down needlessly.  This phone has completely destroyed my range anxiety.  I've never had to not worry at all about a battery to some extent.


Plus, I know that if there was a power outage, I could still turn on power saving mode.  To be clear, no power saving mode was engaged.  My phone was running in normal mode, FHD+ resolution, playing games, reading email, checking FB, the usual.  GPS and Bluetooth were enabled the entire time.


The S10+ is a game changer.