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Sprint and Galaxy S8/S8+ paired with TIDAL HiFi are a sound investment! - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Thinking about picking up a Galaxy S8 or S8+? Already have yours? Cool, let's get the party started with some banging sound and video!


The Galaxy S8/S8+ are the first devices to incorporate the latest spec of Bluetooth - Bluetooth 5.0. What does that mean for you? Among other cool features, it means you can share your tunes, videos and movies with a friend...via Bluetooth and Samsung Dual Audio! You read correctly - you can SHARE your Galaxy S8/S8+ sound output with multiple paired Bluetooth devices. No wires. No splitters. No fuss. Enable Dual Audio and your sharing the sound output via BT.


Samsung Galaxy STurn Dual Audio "ON."Turn Dual Audio "ON."8/S8+ Dual Audio can pair and play simultaneously on two different BT devices. Simple as that. That means you can keep the party grooving inside and outside when you pair two BT loudspeakers. It also means you can share some 'flix -n- chill marathons with your friend on a long flight without worrying about getting tangled in cables or carrying a fussy stereo splitter.


Simply pair each BT device one at a time and then power on each paired device nearby your S8/S8+. You will be prompted to enable Dual Audio. You're all set!







One of ways that I utilize DuBeats Studio Wireless vs Plantronics BackBeat PRO2s.Beats Studio Wireless vs Plantronics BackBeat Audio is to test out two different BT headphones. In the past when I tried to do an 'A-B' comparison I had to connect one BT headset, listen, pause, disconnect, pair a new headset, go back and listen again, disconnect, repeat. Maybe I'm being trivial, but it really helps to literally play the same song simultaneously on two different headphones. I can switch back and forth as often and fast as I wish, listening to critical passages.










credit: M/A/R/R/S (UK 12" Remix)


The Galaxy S8/S8+ comes with some pretty sweet earbuds to help you get the personal jam started. I've always like Samsung earbuds as far back as the S3 and Note 3. They always sound pretty good for 'also-included'. Now that Samsung has taken ownership of Harman they are able to equip their devices with some high-quality accessories. AKG, a pro-sound subsidiary of Harman, lent their industry leading audio expertise to the in-box earbuds that come with the S8/S8+. Sweet!


I dig that the AKG earbuds are wrapped in tangle-free fabric cord. They are super-easy to wrap up, stuff them in your bag or pocket, and not have to worry about looking like a newbie trout fly fisherman when you try to untangle them for use. Plus, with their ear canal ergonomic design they funnel the sound where it counts. For a more in-depth review of the AKG Samsung earbuds check out the write-up from's Ian Morris


All these audio options tidal-sprint.jpgmakes for a great listening experience when you're hooked up on your Sprint exclusive SIX MONTHS FREE trial of TIDAL HiFi. Wait..what? Did I say SIX MONTHS? FREE?? Yep!






Sprint and TIDAL HiFi have partnered to give you access to more than 48.5 million songs, 175,000 high-quality videos and exclusive content. Starting today (June 9, 2017) you can sign up for a SIX MONTH FREE trial!


credit: Daft Punk's "Electroma"credit: Daft Punk's "Electroma"

Head over to and sign up for your free trial, good for six full months. Then you can start enjoying millions of music tracks including exclusive songs, music videos and movies. Plus, TIDAL HiFi curates expert playlists, including 500+ playlists curated directly from music artists, celebrities and athletes. TIDAL HiFi has exclusive live concert material available live, on-demand and in-person events around the world. What I really dig is they also find and feature new, unsigned artists to help keep my playlist fresh and new all the time.





The Galaxy S8/S8+ combined with Sprint and TIDAL HiFi give you many ways to enjoy music, videos and movies. The tangle-free, pro-tuned AKG earbuds get the jams started. Samsung's Dual Audio allows you to share the sound wirelessly over BT 5.0. Sprint, TIDAL HiFi and Samsung - a sound investment.


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Disclaimer: The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. 


Nice write-up on TIDAL, but I guess Sprint forgot about its Sprint Prepaid customers when it says publicly, "All Sprint customers, new and existing, will have a six-month Free Trial of TIDAL".  Who knew behind closed doors they were saying, "except loyal Sprint prepaid customers!"

Wow!  Segregation within Sprint -- doesn't surprise me at all.  (harsh)

Sprint Product Ambassador

@JayRizzo - No offense was ever intended. We do love our prepaid customers, especially the loyal ones who stick with us. Because the prepaid "side of the house" is lesser known to me, I'm unsure whether or not the same 6-month free trial offer for TIDAL HiFi is available to prepaid or not.


We (Sprint) really want our customers to check out TIDAL HiFi and see how awesome the service is. Hopefully you will love it as much as we do and you'll want to stick with it well beyond the trial. We've worked hard getting the necessary changes in place to be able to keep the premium music and videos coming by adding the TIDAL HiFi Premium service to your Sprint bill after the trial ends. That way customers don't have to worry about tracking another bill or giving their CC to another online site. They can roll the service directly into their Sprint (postpaid) bill.


I'm unsure how the billing codes work for prepaid, or if any premium add-ons are even possible. I just checked the Sprint Prepaid webpage and found no mention of TIDAL HiFi or any other premium add-on service. Same is true for Boost Mobile. To be absolutely sure, I recommend calling our prepaid customer CARE team (855-639-4644) and inquire. Even if they cannot offer the TIDAL HiFi trial today, they will at least make note of a possible growing interest which could lead to a future offer consideration for our prepaid customers. 



As of today, 11JUNE2017,  Sprint Prepaid customers now have TIDAL appearing as an Add-In on our account with the 6-months free trial.  We were extremely vocal on social media as all Sprint mobile apps are only for postpaid customers and there are absolutely NONE for Sprint prepaid, so this is a BIG WIN for us!  I've been able to add this feature and enjoying the music and videos while typing this post.  I plan to continue my subscription after the 6-month trial -- remember, we're "PRE" paid customers who pay ahead of time.

Thank you for double-checking this for us and pointing us in the right direction for future apps and add-in features!