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Swapped into a Samsung S9 & I love it.

Sprint Product Ambassador
I am part of the Product Ambassador Team at Sprint and every few months we are able to test new devices; I just swapped into the Samsung S9 and it is my favorite device yet!
In semi related news, April is "Distracted Driving Awareness" month.  Join us at Sprint, AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile in our pledge against distracted driving and "just drive."


If you like Samsung Galaxy phones, you will love the Samsung Galaxy S9.  Last years Galaxy S8 model got rid of the home button and replaced it with a haptic feedback (software style) home button, they introduced the new USB C fast charging and the Galaxy Infinity Display.  The Samsung Galaxy S8 was a "Revolutionaryphone in 2017, and the Galaxy S9 is an "Evolutionary" device in 2018 that I grade an A+. If you have the chance to swap into a Samsung S9, I would highly recommend it and bet that you will not be disappointed after you make the switch.  



  1. A Blood Pressure Sensor is new in S-Health 
  2. Fingerprint reader placement is now in the middle instead of at the top next to the camera.  
    (raised slightly, easier to find on the S9 than the S8)  
  3. The earpiece jack doubles as a 2nd front facing speaker creating a stereo sound.  
  4. New IRIS face scanning combining facial recognition and intelligent scanning.  
  5. New 12mp Variable aperture camera (automatically switching for low & high light photos) 
The 5.8 inch gorilla glass "Infinity Display" is the absolute nicest and brightest bezel free phone I have ever seen.   Under the hood, the S9 has a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4 GB of RAM with a 3000 mAh battery.  



​​The Galaxy S9/S9+ camera captures photos like a pro. With Pro Mode you can manually adjust camera settings so that every shot looks professional.



Cameras on latest generation smart phones are quickly catching up to high end more expensive DSLR cameras for novice photographers.  Samsung has shown a huge commitment for advancing the photography experience on current and future Galaxy devices.    

The Samsung S9 and S9+ are nearly identical devices where the main difference in the S9+ is the additional secondary camera sensor allowing for 2x optical zoom.  Both the S9 and S9+ have an 8mb front facing camera for our selfies.  

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 AR emoji creation is kind of...  creepy. 
The S9 and S9+ introduced an animated emoji creation feature and after just 1 attempt, my bitmoji isn't an entirely accurate replication of me, but it was fun playing with it and well received by friends. 
Thank you Mike & Samsung for the DEX docking station; with DEX I am able to plugin my Samsung S9 to an HDMI projector, add a USB keyboard and mouse & instantly my Galaxy S9 turns into a powerful business tool in seconds.  
"The Samsung Galaxy S9 is more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing that landed on the moon in 1969."




What is something you are able to do on a Samsung S9 today that we didn't dream of doing five years ago?  
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Sprint Product Ambassador

Nice write up and details.... thanks for sharing!