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Unofficial Drop Test – LG V30+ vs. LG X Charge

Sprint Product Ambassador

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME… on purpose… or even by accident.

I don’t like drop tests.  Actually, I hate them.  I think they are wasteful and limited in their utility.  As any mobile phone user knows, you just don’t drop your phone… PERIOD.  It’s not good for your phone, and it’s not good for you (anger, frustration, crying, cursing, etc.).

However, phones fall.

Literally… they fall out of our hands, our pockets, from our laps, the pockets in our hoodies, the edge of our beds, and many other precariously spots where we probably shouldn’t sit a $700 glass-enshrouded minicomputer.  But we do… because it’s the closest shelf to the fridge when we’re looking for an apple or string cheese.  And then when we knock it off that shelf… well… you know the feeling.

And so here we are, with my PERSONAL EXPERIENCES of dropping phones, or having them fall from my graces… or my pants… or my shorts… or my hoodie pocket.  LG’s most recent additions to the marketplace are the mid-range monsters known as the X Charge and the X Power, and the flagship “perfect phone” V30+.  The comparison is a bit unfair, because one actually boasts being engineered and built to withstand the impact from a four foot drop (the V30+), while the X family is not.  So you can kinda get a feel for where this is going.

First, the X Charge:

As I walked in to my sons’ bedroom with the dogs nipping at my heels, I reached over to pull the comforter down while tell the dogs to jump up and wake my sleepy teenager.  And as my schnauzer jumped up on the bed, she knocked in to the left pocket of my gym shorts, and sure enough, the phone went tumbling a whopping 30” (two and a half feet) to the hardwood floor below…. And there it was.  The shatter and accompanying crack that extended from the point of impact in the upper right hand corner of my screen.  One drop, one cracked screen, one ticked off user… thinking “flimmin’ flabbergastin’!!! I’ve only had this phone for 18 hours!!”.  I have knocked it around a bit since then, but no pure drops, so the shattered screen spider web has remained intact, and not worse.  But still, it’s just the idea that one drop=one screen smash is what really got me.  And then I switched over to the V30+.

The first drop was from my hoodie pocket.  As I was changing out of my hoodie after a good workout, I struggled to pull the hoodie over my head.  I went to pull one arm out before the other, and then I heard that awful sound… the <<CLUNK>> that is unmistakably the sound of a mobile phone hitting the floor… probably on a corner.  I quickly reached down, said two turbo-prayers before I picked it up, turned it over, and NOTHING.  Not a scratch.  WHEW!!  So in to the pocket it went.  And not two minutes later, as I turned to put something in the hamper, out the V30+ came, this time with some lateral velocity, and fell AGAIN to the floor.  And nothing.  Still no chips, no smashes, no damage at all.  I’ve tried valiantly to not drop it, but it’s escaped my hands, my pockets in the gym (which has been the scariest of all, because it rebounds off of the metal frames for the workout machines), and even in to the metal frames under the seat of my car.  And still nothing.

The V30+ holds up.  Not only is it a beautiful phone – it also holds up to everyday wear and tear. 

So I’ll write it again, just so we are clear:

DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME – I HATE dropping my phone, because it’s an instant bump of 20 points to my blood pressure.  But fortunately, LG has been true to its word that the V30+ is impact resistant and durable enough to withstand minor bumps and bruises while maintaining its outward beauty!

Just another reason to consider the V30+ as top of the class in the current Sprint mobile phone lineup.



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Community Manager

Also could be titled: learn from my fail 😉 We've all been there right?