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Using Smart Switch for the Note 10+ - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Yesterday, I transitioned from the Samsung Galaxy S10+ to the Samsung Note 10+.  I know what you’re thinking…switching from one device to the next can be a painful process, especially if you don’t want to lose your messages, settings, etc. The switch could not have been more pain-free or easier. Fortunately, with Samsung Smart Switch, the switch was as simple as ever.  They should call it “Simple Switch” instead!


Upon powering up the new Samsung Note 10+, it prompted me with some selections as to how to bring over my data from my former device, or to start with a fresh device.  Now, in the past I have always started fresh and just downloaded what I needed. Kind of like when you upgrade an operating system on your computer… doing a clean install is a best practice I like to follow.  However, I heard about how amazing Smart Switch is, and decided to give that a try so I could test it out and let you all know how it goes. 


Using Samsung’s Smart Switch, I was able to easily pair my new phone (Note 10+ to the GS10+).   Note: Smart Switch works with Galaxy devices.





Next I was able to copy over my settings from the former device to the new one...




Afterwards, I selected which files and apps I wanted to copy over. 





Within each of those folders above, I was able to click on them and deselect the files I didn’t want to copy (junk files, etc.).






After selecting all I wanted to copy, the copying began.  It actually only took a short time (a couple of minutes) to copy all of those files over. After everything was copied, it began organizing my content…





This entire process from the data copying to the organizing took only 9 minutes for me. If you take a look at the times on the cameras in the photos, it started at 1:36 and ended at 1:45…






Smart Switch has some great security settings you can enable if you’re weary of data being hijacked while being transferred.  Simply open Smart Switch, go to Settings, and then Security. You can select “Enhance Transfer Security” which protects your content with security code authentication during transfer.  You can also password protect your backup files that are on SD cards or USB storage. 


If you’re interested in learning more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and getting a great deal on one for yourself, click here.