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Wireless PowerShare on the GS10+ - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

One of the handiest and coolest features the Galaxy S10+ provides is something called Wireless PowerShare. Wireless PowerShare is a feature that truly differentiates the GS10+ from other devices.


So what is it? Know of a person who is constantly on their device and has a low battery? I can think of several myself. The first they they do when the come over or are in your car is ask if you have a charger available. Their battery is always low as they are their phone non-stop! 🙂


Welcome Wireless PowerShare! First, let me say that I’ve been using the GS10+ device for over a month and have NEVER run into a battery issue. I seriously go for two days without charging, no joke. So, if I need to share some of my battery with another, it is not an issue at all.


Wireless PowerShare is a way to share your battery with someone else using Qi. That’s right. The GS10+ is able to CHARGE another phone! To do this, simple pull down your top menu and select “Wireless PowerShare.”Capture.PNG







Then put your phone back to back with another device that is Qi-certified. One tip… if the device is charging slowly, you may want to remove the case from the device.




Wireless PowerShare can really help out a friend who may be in a bind without a nearby charger. I recommend you give it a try!