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My Initial Thoughts on Tile - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Losing your keys is a problem from the ages. Until recently, if you were really concerned about not losing your keys, or finding them after you lost them, you had to buy these remote beepers that were clunky and didnt not work really well. I know, I have bought several of them ranging from $5 to $50.

So as I mentioned, until recently, we didnt have many options. But now we do! Tile tries to solve this age old problem with crowd sourcing the solution. Let me break it down...

Tile, a device that looks like a tile, can be attached to your key chain, or bag pack, or whatever and connected to your Android or iOS device via Bluetooth and an app. The app tracks the Tile as long as its within Bluetooth range, which gives you about 35 ft or so. Which is usually enough as most likely you will have your keys close by. So where does the crowd sourcing come into play?

Well as the Tile community grows across the US, other Tile owners can help you track your device if it leaves your Bluetooth range. Privacy is maintained as these other users are not aware of your Tile is nearby, but you can invoke lost mode that can give you more coverage. When these other Tile users find it, you get an alert and find your keys!!

So this was quite a simple overview of what Tile is really capable of.