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Tile - Bluetooth Tracker Initial Review - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Tile - Bluetooth Tracker Initial Review - Sprint Product Ambassador


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    Ever lose something; we all have at one point in time. Tile aims to make a change with their product. They have created a tracker small enough to be placed anywhere and on anything to be used for keeping an eye on. Should the item become misplaced they provide a simplistic way for locating it.  Tile is the vision of one man's dream (Mike Farley’s) to help his wife find her lost items. He created the company and began a crowdfunding campaign to see if others would be interested in his idea. Well people were so much so that the company was able to raise the capital to go fulltime into the business. That was 3 years ago and to date the company is now in over 200 countries locating over half a million of items daily.

     Tile is about an inch in diameter. It is square with a hole in one corner to allow connecting to items. Extremely light weight at only 1.3 ounces. Powered by a CR2032 battery. The battery will last nearly 2 years of productivity. Currently white but I am sure you can have it painted to match whatever you are connecting it to. Tile connects via Bluetooth 4.0 and is capable of working with applications developed for both the IOS and Android communities. In order to get started with the Tile you will need to download this application on the device you wish to pair the Tile to.

Once installed follow the prompts to register an account. When logged in you will be presented an initial screen click the plus sign in the bottom right corner to begin setting up your first tile. Follow the display to begin pairing your Tile to your device. When your device is paired you will be advised to keep your Bluetooth services on in order to keep tracking the location of your item. When tiles are tracked you will see rings representing the visible range of the tile from your device. Full green is in range, dotted green is almost out of range and grey is completely out of range. Once setup on the main screen you will immediately see your connected Tile and your Device. Continue adding more tiles should you have more to add using the same process. On the main screen you have 2 tabs (List, Map). List displays your device and all your Tiles. Map gives a graphical display overlaying the location of the Tiles and your device on a map.

Screenshot_20160825-092450.pngScreenshot_20160824-102618.png Screenshot_20160824-102636.png  Screenshot_20160825-153547.png Screenshot_20160825-153606.png

     Under the list when clicking a tile you will be presented the Tile screen. Here you can click the FIND button to locate your tile should it become misplaced. The Tile will start singing its tune for you to locate it. With the Tile application the location services works both ways as well. Where if you misplaced your device connected to the tile, the tile itself can help locate your device by clicking the "e" twice. This will alert your device to ring a tone to help locate it. While in the Tile screen under the options section you can view the location of your tile on the map. This is based on the last sync location your device and the Tile connected. The Share with option allows you to add friends and family to also see the Tiles in their devices should you lose contact but they still have connection they can help you find your Tile. Details allows you to change the name of your tile and even update a photo (add a picture of what the tile is associated with). Finally, help gives you answers to frequently asked questions or you can search for answer based on your needs.

Screenshot_20160825-163757.png  Screenshot_20160825-163807.png Screenshot_20160825-163825.png Screenshot_20160825-163815.png

     The Tile is a neat tracking solution with dual functionality when it comes to tracking items and your own device. The simplistic setup process makes it very user friendly. Ultimately, I look forward with testing the abilities of the tracker and the Tile network. Please come back and review my follow up Blog regarding regular daily usage and how you can get the most of your tracker.

Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


       The Product Ambassadors are Sprint employees from many different parts of the company that love technology. They volunteer to test out all sorts of Sprint devices and offer opinions freely to the Community. Each Product Ambassador shares their own opinions of these devices, therefore the information in this post does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprint. The PA's do not represent the company in an official way, and should not be expected to respond to Community members in an official capacity. #sprintemployee