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Tile Bluetooth Tracker - Locate your phone from the web - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

Hey again, everyone!


You already know that you can locate lost things with the Tile tracker and the Tile application on your smartphone. You might already know that you can locate your smartphone by using a Tile. However, did you know you can use the Tile website to locate your smartphone when your Tile isn’t handy? Well you do now!

You can use Tile’s website ( to log in and locate your device on a map.  Unfortunately, this does not work for the Tile trackers themselves (they would need Internet connectivity for that to work). However, it would be nice to just see the last known location of the Tile Trackers on the map as a reference only (Tile – Could you make that happen, please?? )


All you need to do is navigate to the website and log in. It will take you to a Google map where you can locate any phones (or tablets) connected to your account. The indicator is akin to Google’s Android Device Manager or Apple’s Find My iPhone, so it will look rather familiar to you if you’ve used either of these services. So long as the phone is turned on and connected to the Internet (Wifi or cellular network), the Tile website should be able to locate it.  Keep in mind the location is not exact and is simply an approximation based on various conditions.


In the upper-left of the map, you have a list of all of your phones connected to your Tile account. Click the phone you want to locate and you will have two options “Find” and “lost mode.”  In addition, you will see the last time the server recorded the device’s location. Simply click Find and the device will be located and your phone will begin ringing, signaling that it is being located by the Tile application.

Control Panel.png  

You can even click the directional arrow on that same box to obtain directions to the approximate location for that phone. Clicking this will open a new tab/window to a Google map that will assist you in obtaining directions.

The other button (Lost Mode) allows you to lock the device and place a message on the screen for anyone who finds the phone. Simply enter a number where you can be reached and either select the default notification message or write one of your own. It will then lock the phone and place a notification on the screen that it is lost and in need of being returned to its owner.

PTN.pngLost Message.png

Lost mode.png 

Yet again, Tile makes locating your missing temporarily misplaced items a breeze!

As always, thank you for reading.  Have you purchased a Tile yet? If not, what’s stopping you?

Until next time!

~ Troy

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