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Tile Bluetooth Tracker - Locating Your Kids (Sort of) - Sprint Product Ambassadors

Sprint Product Ambassador

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Hey again, everyone!


I have spent a couple weeks with the Tile, and I have found some interesting uses for it!  Sure you can locate keys, wallets, and other normal everyday items with the Tile, but can you use it to locate children? You bet you can!

As I mentioned in my previously blog, Tile can be used for almost anything you can think of. Wallets, purses, keys, bicycles, etc. I decided to use it to locate my children during a recent trip to the corn maze at a local farm’s Harvest Festival. The corn maze is rather large each year, and it is very easy to get lost in it. This year’s “maize” is Charlie Brown for its anniversary, and it seemed much larger than previous years.  Therefore, it was easy to get lost and I knew my Tile would come in handy!

Here is the corn maze we went to:


(Image credit: The Pumpkin Patch)


As soon as we entered the corn maze, I handed over a Tile to my oldest daughter. Both of my daughters would likely stick together, so the need for multiple Tiles wasn’t necessary this time. I wanted to use the Tile because not only could I ring the Tile to locate them, they could also use it to locate me if they were lost.  I informed them that if they became separated, they should wait in one spot to be located. Or, they could double-click the ‘e’ on the Tile to send a signal to my device to make it ring so they could find me. 



Off we went deep into the corn maze in search of clues to find our way out!  My daughters didn’t get lost too many times, but the Tile did come in handy quite a bit.  The map feature within the Tile app was not necessarily as helpful due to the close range (I knew they’d be somewhere nearby, obviously), but the audible alerts were fantastic. 



I was able to ring the Tile from my Tile App and hear the audible tone on the Tile itself. My kids then knew I was somewhere nearby and able to locate them.  Additionally helpful is the distance indicator on the Tile App. When locating a tile, you are presented with color-coded indicator that helps you know how far away from the Tile you are.  When the circle around the Tile is solid green, the Tile is nearby. If it’s blue, it is not immediately nearby, but you can request to be notified if a nearby user passes by the Tile.  In addition to using my Tile App, my kids loved the double-tap feature on the ‘e’ to send a signal to my phone.  I tried to hide from them in the maze, but my efforts were thwarted when they signaled my phone to ring from the Tile --- That kinda backfired.




The Tile was fun to use in the corn maze, and I plan to use it during outings in the future where it could become easy to be separated.  I should caution that the Tile is not meant to replace parenting responsibilities such as maintaining control of children, but it is helpful should someone become separated from the group. I plan to use it whenever we go camping, hiking, or even a fair or theme park – it’s always nice to be prepared just in case. (My children don’t have cell phones yet so this is the best alternative to a locating device currently).


Thanks, Tile, for making locating my family fun and entertaining. My kids loved it, as did I.

Here are some photos of our outing:



As always, thank you for reading.  What are some unique ways that you have used Tile? 


Until next time!


~ Troy


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