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Tile - HELP!! "Find my Tile" - Sprint Product Ambassador

Sprint Product Ambassador

Tile - HELP!! "Find my Tile" - Sprint Product Ambassador

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I have my Tile and want to test the lost feature out and how well it works. When users sign up with the Tile network they become a part of the Tile ecosystem. Once a part of this group your individual connection to the TILE network helps others in times of need. Whenever you launch the Tile application you will immediately see the amount of Tile members in your general area. To my knowledge this general area is based on city as per Tile. That makes sense as when I get to work which is in a different city with more condensed users than my home the amount of Tile members increase from 130+ members near my home to over 600+ members by my work.

     With the members I wanted to test the ability to find my Tile. Now granted this process is not an instant gratification as the Tile will only be located when another Tile member comes close enough to my Tile to register it and determine it is lost to send a location notification. To make matters harder I placed my Tile on a moving vehicle in hopes of driving around it would be able to make contact faster than being stationary. Boy I was wrong, Try hitting a moving target it is not easy as the network is not as big as I would hope.

     I had my Tile listed lost daily for about 5 days with no hits until the vehicle was brought back to within distance of my own device. Then I immediately received a notification that my Tile was found and was presented with a map of the location my Tile was at. The process to begin the procedure was simple enough. While in the Tile application on the main home page check to see if your Tile is out of range. Your Tile is considered out of range from your device when the green ring around the Tile is now gray. When you click on the Tile you will be presented with the last known whereabouts of the Tile along with a map. From here you can initiate the notification to other Tile members that your Tile needs to be found. As an additional help users are advised to build the community and send messages to friends and families to download the application and turn it on. This will help increase the chance of finding the Tile. Keep in mind the location of your Tile is done anonymously. Tile Members with application running will have no idea they just helped you find your Tile. The information is learned and transmitted to only the user that has listed the Tile lost. The community is there to help build a grid to find the lost object and notify you. It is not made for users to find the lost items themselves. 

Screenshot_20160829-091447.png Screenshot_20160901-153715.png Screenshot_20160901-163505.png

Screenshot_20160901-163650.png Screenshot_20160901-163838.png

Once found Tile Application will send a notification of the Tile being found. You will also receive an email to the registered email on file. The email will also include a statement that the Tile has been found and present a embedded map of the location. You can then click the included link to get directions to your Tile based on GPS coordinates. Though my Tile was located while I was riding in the vehicle. Hence why the Location appears to be on a road.

Found: Amishtech-Tile!

Your Tiled item was just found at the location below. Time to go get it!

Found Image.jpg

If I lived in a more densely populated area with more Tile members I'm sure the chances of finding a Tile will be greatly increased. The key is to increase awareness of this program. Adding users are the key to the growing community of finding lost Tiles. The more people who join and just initialize the app will add greater functionality to this neat ecosystem of lost and found.

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Enjoy and remember never use your phone or tablet while driving, be safe and healthy.


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