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How to Post on the Community!

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How to Post on the Community!

Another question I get asked a lot...How do I post on the Community?

First create a username and password. On the home page click the sign in button, then click the "New User? Register here." link. 

Once you are registered, come back to the community and you can:

  1. search for an existing topic (always recommended in case someone else has had the same question)
  2. find a forum and click on the Start Topic button
  3. Click the Reply or Quick Reply button and start typing your response.

Additionally, if you start to type a response and have not yet logged in, you will be prompted to login before you can post your response!

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The store was at:


12200 Hall Rd

Sterling Heights, MI 48313


And the Sprint associate's name is "Junior".


He wouldn't help my daughter order a phone that was out of stock, he told her she had to do it.  Then when she did, and it arrived at the store, he wouldn't activate it for her.  Bad customer service and we won't be going back to that particular store ever again.


Hey there - I'd like to get a little more information together for when we send along your complaint. I'm going to send you a private message requesting a bit more info shortly. Please keep an eye out for it and respond back in Private Message from your inbox here on Community. 


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It shouldn't be this difficult to figure out how to post something. You said it yourself, you get asked all the time. That's ridiculous. I had to google it to find out anything. 


The home page link you provide does not open a valid page.!


Howdy Tailorbean. I'll be more than happy to assist. What seems to be going on? 


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Welcome to Sprint

I’m not finding the items this days to click on or the items do not give me an option to post @sprinthelp


I need to post and cannot find the right page or link to do that?? @sprint

there are certain areas you can post depending on your issue. what is the issue or question you have and i'll drop a link in here to the area for that

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