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Tips & Tricks, and other fun things!

Community Manager

Tips & Tricks, and other fun things!

I am creating this topic so we can provide you with ways to make your community experience more fun and easier to manage. If you want to subscribe to this thread you will get notified when we add new tips on using the community.


Here's are a few to get you started:

  1. Did you know you can subscribe or unsubscribe to a topic by clicking the 3Dots in the top right corner of the topic. The look like this3dots.PNG
  2. I have seen several members have uploaded images on their profile that look like there were intended to be set as their avatar. So try this, click on your avatar in the top right corner of the page, then select Profile from the drop down, Find your avatar on the left and look for the little edit button next to it, click it and select "Choose another avatar". you should now see 4 tabs to choose from:
    Make your selection add your new avatar, and tada, you now have a custom avatar!
  3. Did you know, that giving kudos to people who have good questions or good answers, will help them to earn badges, will earn them as well?  So please, click that Kudo, and show you appreciation!
  4. Reply & Quick Reply, what is the difference?
    When you use the Reply Button you get the wide range of tools, including a Rich Text & HTML editors, you can add images, videos and links. One thing to know about Reply, you MUST use the spell checker, because misspelled words do not show unless you use the spell checker.
    Quick Reply
    If you prefer to just make a quick and simple reply, just click it! It will automatically spellcheck using your browser! However, none of the formatting tools show up!
Crusader for Customer Advocacy
I encourage you to post your questions on the community, give Kudos when earned and always mark the correct answer as "Accepted Solution".
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