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50% off military family


50% off military family

Hi so my husband and I are on a family plan and we're both veterans. We signed up for the discount supposed to be 50 percent, in small writing it says 70 first line 30 for second. Instead we verify and get a code and the code is only 5 dollars off per line??? We're paying 150 all together with only $16 from device fees plus 15 in insurance.  Can so wine explain to me how 5 dollars per line is the same as 50 percent? 

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Re: 50% off military family

Good morning. Let me explain the offer. Let me just say that Sprint salutes veterans, active duty & reserves of the U.S. Armed Forces. That being said, Sprint offers a new Unlimited Military plan at 50% off Family Lines when paired with the Unlimited Basic Plan and 50% off Unlimited Premium family lines when paired with Sprint Perks offers.

What does this mean? Customers get $20 off line 2 and $10 off lines 3-6 regardless of plan selected. Let me give you an example. If you have 3 lines, the price for those lines are as follow: Line 1, $60 (Auto-pay) Line 2, $40 Line 3-6 $20. With the military discount you pay: line 1 $60, line 2 $20 Line 3 $10. As you can see, you are getting the 50% as the promotion states.

(Above pricing is after AutoPay $5/month/line discount. Without AutoPay each line is $5 more)



Let's talk about the different plans. our Unlimited Premium plan is price as follow:

Line 1: $80 with discount $70

Line 2: $60 with discount $30

Line 3: $40 with discount $20

Again, the promotion is as it says, 50% off.


It's important to remember that Unlimited premium comes with the following:

TIDAL HiFi (1 per subscriber), Amazon Prime w/Twitch Prime (1 per subscriber),Lookout Premium Plus (1 per subscriber) and Hulu(1 per account).


Oh, yeah. let's not forget the other features:

Mobile Hotspot: 100GB/line LTE, then unlimited 3G

Streaming Quality: Full HD Streaming

Canada/ Mexico Roaming Unlimited talk, text and 4G LTE data included 

Sprint Social Care
Sprint Social Care

Re: 50% off military family




Sprint Social Care
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