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Dish Network Cellular: T-Mobile's competitior, or Sprint's


Dish Network Cellular: T-Mobile's competitior, or Sprint's

People reading the title are probably asking ",What's the difference?". yes they will be the same company but they will be two different brands for two different markets based on this assumption:


T-Mobile will be the mobile internet company using LTE and an LTE derived 5G.  Verizon and AT&t are the two top remaining competitors in this market.



Sprint will revert to its 2010 philosophy of stationery wireless internet, a market that they created, and currently have no competitors? Sprint towers will have WiMAX as a 4G  and a WiMax-derived 5G, optimized for stationary use,  on their towers.



So will Dsh Network be in the stationary wireless market, for people like me, a competitor Sprint has to create themselves, or will they be in the Mobile wireless market, making a fourth competitor along with T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon.


Verizon could in theory partner with Dish Network, but AT&T can't because they own Dish Network's main competitor, DirecTV.

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