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Friendly heads up on the community board first!


Friendly heads up on the community board first!

Okay so I just did a little chat and requested that a supervisor call me. The supervisor actually offered to call me when I spoke to them on February 14th oh, they were supposed to call me the following Sunday that didn't happen so if I don't get a call in the next few minutes 30-ish, I'm going to start posting on Facebook and Twitter! Because when I do that I get a phone call faster than I can say Hokey Pokey dokey smokey 



Sprint Employee

Good morning LWRIGHT87. I want to thank you for the positive feedback and for giving me the chance to assist you with this issue. It's been a few days since your personal information was requested. We'll need you to send us a private message with your name, account holders name, phone number, account PIN or answer to the security question. 

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