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I want to Twitch Stream games in motion.


I want to Twitch Stream games in motion.

Hello, it seems the only way i can play games head to head online is to have someone film me in a car with smartphone bandwidth, snd i play a Nintendo 3DS or Switch while in a car driven by my dadl.  ( Home streaming is not an option brtween a bad DSL company, a nonexistant local cable company, and Sprint's struggles with the federal government to let me use cellular data at home ). 


I pay $25 a month for a phone line and use it often enough, but an additional $25 a month for a car only device does not make sense when the longest road trip we usually make is 30 miles one way and drive only 2 or 3 days a week.


I'm asking for a Sprint streaming partnership,. Where the video game playing in the car is basically one long Sprint Drive ad.  Since I am an outsider among my High School peets, back then, and it's the 25th anniversary of my class this year, hence hibernating, i'll start with my best offer:


I will only use the Sprint Drive when broadcasting on Twitch. And in return, i want a daily rate and use it on short trips i take anyway.  It dorsn't makr sense to buy a month for 8 onr-hour trips a month. Ubtil i make enough money whete i can pay for gas to drive just for the sake of the stream.  Since the monthly rate of $25/minth averages around 80 cents a day.  I'll pay $2 a 24 real time hour membership. If i say i'm doing a trip at 11 AM thursday, the daily membrrship lasts until 11 AM Friday.


You don't have to GIVE any money.  Just have a special daily rate for demonstrating Sprint Drive live by playing 3DS and Switch on Twitch, and/or Mixer live while in a car.  Just like Internet Red Zone plans 😞  this daily plan will be open to anyone who wants to stream on the road :). Heck, I'd like a comnission on others streamers who do this too.  I would like 5 cents per user-day my streamer plan is used.  Maybe you'll get people who wouldn't finance a Sprint Drive and want to comnit to plana long monthly plan, but may BUY a Sorint Drive and buy a Daily plan, snd you'll get more money per user-day, but to get this plan, you must mention Sprint and advertise a daily streamer plan, and only use it when streaming.  No non-streaming use of wifi.


Oops, when i said outsider, i meant "outsider OUTSIDE OF my high school peers" not outsider AMONG my high school peers.

I was a lot of ladies' desert island choice of guy where if 10 or more women can transport obe guy on a desert island, I'd br in enough ladies' top 10 lists, where i might be it. They both gave flirty moves to and accepted flirty talk from me. Thr ladies loved me enough. But not so much that they'll dump their then current boyfriends for me. I was a Johnny-Come-Lately. The only way in was heartbreak, which didn't happen much.
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