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Re: Lookout premium

All new Sprint Unlimited Premium users who already have a Lookout account need to follow the guidance in the Lookout FAQs for T-Mobile and Metro PCS customers.


Contact Lookout Support at the link below, explain Lookout Premium Plus is included in your Sprint Unlimited Premium plan and provide your Sprint mobile number.


Lookout CS will confirm billing by Sprint and will upgrade you to Lookout Premium Plus.


Re: Lookout premium

There is a second and easier method for those who already have a free Lookout Basic account to upgrade to Lookout Premium Plus billed to, and paid by, Sprint. 


Disconnect from any other broadband source, insure you are on Sprint data and not roaming. Then click the link Sprint sends you by SMS. It will take you to webpage with a button to “Get The app” or a pop-up to “open in Lookout”. 


The authorization coding will already be transmitted as the app opens to a screen welcoming you to Lookout Premium Plus. The payment will already be linked to Sprint.


Re: Lookout premium

Thanks for sharing this info cyberbiker6. 


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Re: Lookout premium

I am also only seeing "Basic" when I sign up, and no abitlity to switch to premium in the app (greyed out).  Also Sprint never sent me a text with a link, so I can't activate that way.  Can a Sprint tech help?




Re: Lookout premium

Hey rosepete. Just to make sure, you are on the Unlimited Premium plan, right? It should be automatically on your account with Unlimited Premium, however, you can check and add it manually via by doing the following:


  1. Log into your My Sprint account.
  2. Go to go to My Sprint > More > Change Services
  3. Select the line(s) and click continue
  4. Under the Safety and Security option select the Lookout service you want and click continue
  5. Review the changes you have made are correct and click the box where you agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Click Confirm

Then on your device you'll do the following:


Device Steps:

  1. Download and Open the lookout app on your device.
  2. First time users, click Get Started and continue to follow the Sign Up steps.
  3. If account already exists, click Sign In.
  4. If they forgot the password, click Forgot your Password
  5. Click Log In


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Re: Lookout premium

I am having the same issues. Can you help fix my account? I am on an Unlimited Premium Plus plan as well and Lookout is only basic. 

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Re: Lookout premium

rakneeland. I see that OldGreg_Sprint provided some steps to resolve this issue. Did you give those steps a try?

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