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No home cellular internet 1: sumnary


No home cellular internet 1: sumnary

Over 18 years at always being at less speed than what Xbox required

No home cellular internet 1: summary.


With 18 years of traversing the labyrinth involving walls being both erected by 2 cable companird, 3 phone/ DSL companies, 2 satellite TV/net companies. 3 of the 4 main cellulars,  2 phone makers, a couple of the cellular resellers, and one possibly interested fibet company, plus one cellular who did demonstrate a desire to tear down wall, and says they still fight for that, but its harder (Sprint), and observing it all and reacting instead of proacting srev3 system makers and 4 levels of government.


I post this forum on Sprint, because they sre the best current cellular for me. and are fighting to go further.  Anf the answers are less snotty. Most just stay put and fight for the status quo.


To focus better, since my future possible employment depends partially on heing a twitch streamer, and make money because of a perpetual handicap of Asperger's Syndrome.  I got the time. Knowledge and interest in puecing this puzzle.


Since most forums discuouage TLDR I fecided to vreak it up into smaller, more soecific forums a pist each.  Look for them all on Sprint's community pages under service/unlimited plans.


  1. This very summary.
  2. Government classicifications of ISPs and their different rules.  
  3. Who does the govetnment serve when the goal is universal broadband access, the bandwidth poor. Or the bandwidth providers?
  4. If the 4 main cellulars are supposed to compete, (merger not finalized yet) and different ones have different plusses and minuses all 4 do not give the plus I'm looking for?  Coincidence or collusion?
  5. If the excuse is limited bandwidth, why are consoles the universal scapegoat when online movies and TV are a bigger culprit?
  6. What good are government broadband maps if monopoly ISPs can lie, consumers dispute the map, and the feds believe the company over the user with no investigation?
  7. Backeards economics: a monopoly can deny service, and an internally competitive industry can not legally serve the mononoly victim?
  8. Why do the 3 system makers assume there's universal network, instead of being proactive about it working for them and their gamers?  If you don't have a network, they say anything from good luck to good riddance.
  9. Why did all these problens get worse faster wheb the only wimax company joined the LTE crown?
  10. Does wimax use less resources per megabaud when stationary vs LTE when also stationary. If that'd so, ehy shoehorn everything LTE?  Why not LTE for monile net and WiMax for stationary cellular? 
  11. If Sprint truly wants to sell to the bandwudth poor, why is there not special offers / targeted plans for red zones?  Every time Sprint gives what I want, they close the loophole before i go through. Is it illegal to sell good net to just net desert nonads without selling to netbergs as well.
  12. You have to dig deep to find a Petalta device on the web.  It's not on network tv. Why close the loophole if it's hard to find.  If there's tooi nuch abuse, why can't you have a geographic restruction based in internet red zonesbinstead of a blanket ban? Who is hurt by not closing the Peralta loophole?


I'm sleeping now.  Just wanted to  jot it all my points before forgotten.

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