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SWAC / Current Number Migration or New Account


SWAC / Current Number Migration or New Account

I have an invitation to SWAC and would like to get my existing Sprint number migrated over, Unfortunately the employee who referred me is over their limit for the calendar year. Can anyone assist me with my options?


Can I send an email/chat/call someone and request the migration for myself? Should I buy a new phone and set up a new phone number and account, and then cancel my old number and account? What do I have to do to make the most of SWAC?


We don't handle SWAC on community since that is employee referral. You would need to speak to the person who referred you.


Hi Katey.


That's part of the problem. If they are over their migrations, I can't proceed with them. Who else can I speak with who can assist me? Is there a specific employee community board where I can post?


I don't believe so. If they are over their migration then you will need to find someone who isn't. 


I have to say this is disappointing. I've enjoyed Sprint for 13 years, and I speak on behalf of many long-time customers that the deals for new lines/customers far outweighing existing customers is shameful. 


The only thing keeping me on Sprint was the idea of lowering my monthly cost, hence SWAC. If retentions were a possibility, perhaps, but that's a two-hour phone call even unlimited calling couldn't handle.


Swac Accounts are for relatives and CLOSE friends of employees. With the amount we are allowed to have. There should be no reason why someone you are close to, "that referred you" is over their limit, without abusing the system. We often have people trying to abuse this program...Every single carrier gives new lines better promotions, it is the nature of our business. We will happily review your account. I might also say there is a system in place to offer existing customers special promotions. I have seen those promotions be greater than some of the new line offers.

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