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Sprint is intentionally misleading customers

Journeyman lrv

Sprint is intentionally misleading customers

Within the past week, I decided to change my plan. When I logged in to Sprint's website, it showed the Unlimited Basic plan for $98.xx. I am part of the Sprint Works program, so I assumed that offset was due to the program. I made the switch, and noticed my plan changed from v35 to v2, which was expected. However, it now showed a price of $120, not $98.xx, or even the $100 that's now advertised on the website. I started doing some research.


First, I chatted with Sprint. I do have a transcript available, but in short, the CSR was unable to show where on the website it's stated the $100 (line 1 @ 60, line 2 @ 40, lines 3-5 free) plan is only available to *new* customers. He was unable to do so, and referred me to call an 800 number, which turned out, was the main Sprint customer service number.


I called Sprint and spoke with a young lady for approximately 30 minutes. She, too, was unable to show where it's stated the $100 plan was only available to new customers. I requested a supervisor, Chris, who after another 20 minutes, was also unable to show where it's stated the plan is only available to new customers. He stated that it was on internal documentation. *That said*, if the customer cannot see those requirements and/or restrictions, they select a plan believing it to be one price, and it's another, that's blatant bait-and-switch and/or false advertisement.


In addition, if you open the Legal Disclosure at the bottom on the main plans page, you will see the following:


"Sprint Unlimited 55+ Plan: **Reqs. new account activation.**"


My point is that this is intentional. There is no "new account activation required" at any of the unlimited plans, including the Basic, Plus, or Premium. The supervisor stated that by the $120, $140, and $160, price points being ~marked out~, and replaced with $100, is an indication that it's only available to new customers. Legally speaking, that's not proof of anything more than it being an advertisement and/or promotional for *anyone*, including current customers, because again, it's not specified otherwise. He also stated that because "Switch To Sprint's Unlimited Basic And Get Lines 3-5 FREE!," that it's an indicator of only being available to new, currently switching, customers. Again, that could simply be an advertisement pushing folks to switch to Sprint, but again, it states *nothing* about having to be a new customer.


Where do I go from here? Is there someone I can call or email? It's no longer about the $20 per month. It's the point that false advertising and/or bait-and-switch can't be tolerated, even by a guy with only three lines.

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