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Sprint makes false promises


Sprint makes false promises

I’ve been with Sprint since 2008. I moved to my own plan after graduating college and I was offered a great ‘deal’. I even got my siblings on my account because I loved Sprint. 8 months in Sprint cancels my promotion without telling me (they said it was in my documents, which is probably true but a reminder would have been nice so I could readjust my budget). Now my bill goes up over $100 and my whole family is upset. When I call sprint, the customer service rep. says that he can offer me a plan that doesn’t change my services and keeps consistently for my bill and however he can’t change my current bill (because it was already generated) the next bill would be lower. I said okay cool. However the next month, why is my bill even higher! Sprint changed me from Unlimited Freedom MRC to Unlimited Basic. The hotspot goes from 50 GB to 0.49 GB (why is there such a big gap). I call sprint again and the customer service rep couldn’t even understand what she was reading on my bill. I had to pull up the bills myself to compare the difference for why is my bill so high. I see that I qualify for a discounted plan but the customer service rep won’t even email me back. Now I’m going to call sprint for the third time. For the past 11 months, my bill has never been consistent and I didnt change anything. Get it together sprint, I would hate to have to change companies.

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Re: Sprint makes false promises

Sounds like the plan got changed in the middle of the bill cycle. This would cause prorated charges. The agent who changed your plan should have educated on this, and I am sorry if they didn't. Going forward you shouldn't see any prorated charges. 


On the good side your plan can be customized to fit each person. You can upgrade your plan for one line from basic to plus. Plus includes 50gb of hot spot and Tidal music. 

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