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Streaming quality question.


Streaming quality question.

Hello. I'm currently looking around at all the major phone carriers trying to determine what option would be the cheapest for me, and when I was looking at the difference in video quality, I was wondering if Sprint classifies any actual difference between unlimited plus and unlimited premium. According to the main page, unlimited plus offers "HD Video Streaming (1080p)" whereas unlimited premium offers "Full HD streaming". I'm wondering if there's any tangible difference between the two. Does 'Full HD Streaming' imply that 4K streaming (or potentially higher, assuming you have a device capable of that) is allowed, whereas with unlimited plus you're limited to 1080p at max? or is it just worded differently on the site to make unlimited premium sound better as a marketing technique?


Thanks in advance for taking the time to read (and potentially) answer my question!

Sprint Employee

Re: Streaming quality question.

Hi @JarodS, thanks for your interest in joining our Sprint family. So with Unlimited Plus, you get HD video streams up to 1080p, music streams up to 1.5 Mbps, and gaming streams up to 8 Mbps. With Unlimited Premium you et the HD video streams up to 1080p as well as music and gaming without any of the speed restrictions. 

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