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The following are prompts of traditional Voicemail for CDMA handsets. Press * (star) at any time to return to the main menu. Main Menu Prompts Second Level Prompts Third Level Prompts Fourth Level Prompts 1. Listen 2. Send a Reply Message 7. Erase 8. Callback/Place Call 9. Save 0. More options Button Guide 1. Date/Time 2. Send Reply 3. Advance 4. Replay 5. Rewind 6. Forward (only able to forward to Sprint CDMA phones) 7. Erase 8. Callback 9. Save * Main Menu 0. Help # Skip Message MAIN MENU, press * (star) 2. Send a Message 1. Enter the 10 digit Sprint PCS phone number or enter a group list number then press # 2. Press * to Cancel 3. Personal options 1. Settings 1. Skip Passcode On/Off 2. Auto Play On/Off 3. Message Date & Time On/Off 4. Change Passcode 5. Group Distribution Lists 6. Numeric Paging 2. Greetings 1. Main Greeting Record Personal Greeting Press 1 Use System Standard Greeting Press 2 Add or Remove Caller Instructions Press 3 Personal options Press * 2. Name Announcement Record name Press 1 Play 10 digit phone number instead Press 2 Previous menu  Press * 3. Extended Absence Greeting 3. Expert Mode (On/Off) 8. Call * Exit
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