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3-way Calling


3-way Calling

Using the Palm Pre, how do I end a conference call, but stay on the line with the first person I had called before the conference call?


I found this on one of Palm's forums -

You can't hang up on individual callers once the conference has been initiated. You either hang up on both callers or ask one of the caller to hang up.

Hope this answers your question - On some of the newer devices with GSM carriers the software is different and will let you just hang up one caller.


OKC Sprint Tech


Unfortunately one of the callers will have to hang up first. Info below

Make a first call, then make a second call.

Tap to end all calls.

Ask one of the callers to hang up, so you can stay connected to the other caller

When you’re done, do one of the following:

Tap to create the conference call.

Jeff Bratcher

Sprint Tech

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