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How to improve QChat on a Renegade?


How to improve QChat on a Renegade?

I posted here a few weeks ago and got that issue fixed, but QChat still seems to suck compared to iDEN. Hopefully there's a way to fix this problem:

We got my father-in-law a Moto Renegade for Father's Day. He was a long time Nextel user, then he had the hybrid ic502, and now this phone. The reason we did it is because the Nextel service started to suck around his house, but Sprint is pretty strong.

He relies a lot on 2-way, so he had to have a 2-way phone. The phone part of this phone is great with crystal clear calls and great service.

He's having the worst time with DC though. At first we had to call Sprint so they could push something through on his account, that's fine. Then they had to switch his plan and when that happened his DC was turned off. Ok, so we called and they activated it again with the same DC number.

Now it seems that DC will randomly turn off with the icon showing its disabled. He can usually take out the battery and restart it, then it'll work fine, but sometimes he has to do that 2-3 times a day, which is unacceptable.

Is there anything we can change on the phone to make it work better? I've changed the SCI on phones before, but I'm not sure if it would help with DC. Are there any advanced settings I could change with the MSL?

Do you think its the phone, or just the service? He drives quite a bit around northern Illinois. Most of this area is blanket EVDO coverage, but sometimes he's out in the sticks and might roam...which I know DC won't work then, but it should connect right back up when he gets back in Sprint coverage.


Re: How to improve QChat on a Renegade?

My wife and I have this phone as well. We originally had the DC feature activated. Aside from the fact it used a whole lot of battery life, the DC was very unreliable. My advice to your dad, if he needs DC, is reactivate his old ic502. That way, he'll have the best of both worlds.

If DC isn't a big need, then I recommend removingit from the phone. They're great phones as you said, but horrible radios! That's why i would NEVER waste my money on any of the other other imitators out there, because they're even worse than QChat. Bottom line is; if you want a cellphone with a two-way radio, you need to stick with Nextel.


Re: How to improve QChat on a Renegade?

I can't comment on anything related to the V950 phone (except it seems like a cool phone), but I can say that the DC between my Nextel i580 and the Qchat phones my inlaws use (Sanyo Pro-700 and LG LX-400)  works quite well.

It works well when we are on opposite sides of the US and also when we are in the same house. I didn't notice any differences in DC initial setup times or ongoing connect times, compared to "iDEN-to-iDEN" DC calls. I didn't use a stopwatch or anything like that, but in real-world use I have noticed no discernable difference in DC'ing "iDEN-to-iDEN" or "iDEN-to-Qchat" or "Qchat-to-Qchat" on their phones. Even with iDEN-to-iDEN it sometimes takes a few seconds for initial call setup. The average iDEN connect times might be less than 1 second, but on occasion even genuine iDEN DC can take a few seconds to set up the initial connection, and it seems to me that Qchat is very similar to iDEN in terms of overall DC performance.

The Pro-700 had somehow gotten off-track and the Qchat DC was disabled, but after a few calls to Sprint CS they took me through updating the phone SW, they reset something on the Qchat server end, and eventually we got the Pro-700 working correctly with Qchat DC. After that we had no more problems and DC worked smoothly iDEN-to-Qchat and Qchat-to-Qchat.

Once in awhile we experience the "digital slurring" poor audio quality problem, but that has become an expected thing on occasion with Nextel, and although it is annoying it doesn't hinder the DC connections.

Anyhow, I don't know if the V950 is just not as good at NDC as are the Sanyo Pro-700 and the LG LX-400 models, or if you're having a problem with proper "activation and registration" of your V950 with regard to Qchat functionality, but I am pleasantly surprised that DC between me and the inlaws is giving us effectively "Nextel -like" performance.

  - Nxtl4me

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